Affordable Bluefin Sup

What sets the affordable Bluefin sup inflatables apart from the rest? 

Well, affordable, but don’t be fooled! This is a quality board! 

Start-up for the affordable Bluefin Sup began in 2013 offering kayaks. As they gained experience and business smarts they soon gravitated towards producing inflatable boards and quickly gained ground in this market. Their grand line of  BLUEFIN Sup boards soon became a leader in inflatables. Bluefin is a family owned business operating out of the U.K. although they sell globally. I spoke with Lizzie, a representative who works in their communications department. She speaks passionately of their operation and processes. What beamed during our conversation was their strong commitment to safety, not only in the way these boards are built, as well, promoting all aspects of safe paddling. This company's initial passion was about offering boards accessible to all — an affordable offering with a wide range of styles for anyone. After all, paddle boarding is one of the greatest sports that ever evolved to include all ages.

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What's all the buzz? Well...Quality and affordability are comments that consistently come up in consumer reviews. Although we do believe Bluefin SUPs 5 year warranty and 60 day return policy is very impressive and how about free shipping worldwide. Although even more impressive, these policies are openly stated on their website. 

The affordable Bluefin Sup has a significant presence in the Sup world for obvious reasons. It is no secret they have earned respect within consumer circles. And It helps that they are very community minded both near and far. And, hey, they are updating, refining and coming up with improvements on-going. There is a range of boards that will accommodate most any style of riding. This is an impressive group of people with plenty of energy to run the show.  It appears we can expect lasting integrity from Bluefin.

Bluefin Sup and the pandemic

While Covid has put a damper on many businesses, it is clear, BLUEFIN  is going forward. Even though they had a pause in deliveries from their manufacturer during the first year of the pandemic it appears creative marketing allowed them to push on. After all, they have a catchy name, emphasize safety, offer a phenomenal warranty and build a quality board. They have had success in sales from Black Friday to their December deals to their January deals and beyond. And if you contact this company you will talk to a real person with real passion. We think, that says a lot about the affordable Bluefin SUP team.

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