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— A paddle grip that surprises!

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Are you are looking for a paddle grip that does exactly what its supposed to?

Believe everything the folks at HoldFast Grips claim of their creation. 

Finally a paddle grip that is unobtrusive, comfortable, thin profile yet strong, as grippy as you could get whether WET or DRY and evokes the confidence to know that your hand won’t be going anywhere but where you’ve placed it at the first grasp.

Where do the HoldFast Grips really shine?

  • If you are racing or long distance touring, you’ll appreciate the potential for less fatigue and blistering hands.— this will depend on your style of paddling and your hold. Less fatigue because you don’t have to do the “strong hold” thing to hang on. And most likely no blisters (that turn into calluses) for the same reason along with the fact that there is no slipping and sliding the first time you grab the grip.
  • Keeps your hands cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather.
  • Absolutely no slipping and sliding when your hands or paddle are wet.
  • A feeling of confidence the moment your hand catches the HoldFast grip.

Testing the HoldFast grip lead us to write a full review:

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