Jeffreys Bay South Africa - The Perfect SUP Spot

by AfricaSUP Jeffreys Bay
(JBAY South Africa)

The Indian Ocean Express

The Indian Ocean Express

The JBAY I've found is the perfect SUP spot!
Jeffreys Bay is located on the Indian Ocean side of South Africa. Everyone knows about the World class waves here including the #1 rated Supertubes. Although Supers is not considered a SUP spot and I've found you would get many sideways glances and more than one comment just paddling past there! The focus on the Main Breaks means there are many untouched gems close at hand. There are many dolphins and whales which pass close by just offshore are considered the true locals here.
The rivers and lagoons in the area are perfect for paddling on when the waves are flat just for nature viewing on the nature reserves and super fitness paddles. There is a close knit paddle community here and the main meeting point is at Main Beach where you'll find the headquarters of the J.B.P.B. (Jeffreys Bay Paddle Club) and AfricaSUP shop there. Stop in for full information details of where to paddle and SUP in JBAY

Included are a few pics of the local area.

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