Paddle at the beautiful tourist town of Osoyoos B.C. Canada

by May,Elaine,Marilyn,Kathy
(Nelson, B.C. Canada)

Our group of 4 senior enthusiasts and good friends, purchased a semi-private paddle boarding lesson in the tiny tourist town of Osoyoos. 3 of us had never paddled and 1 of us paddles regularly.

The instructor, Coreena was professional, curteous and sensitive to the needs of our group. We appreciated her personable cheery character, knowledge of SUP safety, and helpful ways. She presented us with a thorough explanation of what to expect with regards to safety and the basics and had everyone up and paddling fairly quick.

The three of us first time paddlers were able to stand up right a way but 2 of us toppled to the water just as quick. Eventually everyone started to get the hang of it but less boats passing by us, causing wakes, was the wish. The water wakes did force us to learn how to handle them quickly but for the next attempt we will make a point of paddling boat free waters.

If you are a first-timer, getting a lesson with 3 Phase Adventures, we suggest you ask ahead when would be the best time of day to go out… a time of day when there are fewer boats in close proximity. 3 Phase Adventures also rents their boards.

This is a beautiful body of water with a pretty beach and plenty to see. It certainly is a perfect setting for water sports. We noticed several groups SUPing around us…mother and child, friends, dog and dog owner, and the like. It is clear why tourists come to paddle Osoyoos waters. This beach town has plenty to offer the experienced and non-experienced paddler.

Thank you Coreena. In our books it was a fun, unique and challenging first-time paddle adventure.

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