Paddle boarding 101:
So many ways to walk your paddle

One of the wonders of stand up paddle boarding is its wide range of disciplines. Cruise flat water in the moonlight, practice SUP yoga in the morning, or for an afternoon adventure, surf some big waves. Choose one, or choose all three categories of paddling. This fast growing water sport continues to evolve in board design, paddle design and practical gear, so the experience just keeps on getting better. As you become comfortable with technique and conditions—calm water to current to surf—the possibilities are endless.

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12 ways to go paddle boarding
– and the list keeps growing

SUP disciplines include flat water racing, open ocean racing, sup surfing, sup river rapids and even sup yoga.

You’ve found this website, so you’re on your way. We’ve put all the resources you need here: links to instructional videos, opportunities, articles and sources. From here, learn how to get started, what to look for in a board, and the different ways you can enjoy this great sport, from gentle exercise to the thrill of fast water. One of the best ways to get inspired is to read first person accounts of people like you—younger and older, on their own or with the whole family, at all fitness levels—who tried it and got hooked.

How do YOU use your paddle board?

Share your story! If you have an innovative, unusual, adventurous, funky, particularly fun, exciting, or wild way of riding the rails please share with us using the "comments" form below.

In case you didn't know...

Rumour is that SUP began in Hawaii for the purpose of travelling from island to island—a fun and practical form of transportation with great exercise as a bonus. Things haven’t changed: paddling on a board is still practised for fun and function, for exercise and adventure, for kids, youth, families, singles and seniors.

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Love to fish? Love to paddle board? You don't have to choose!

Stand up paddle surf boards are more buoyant than traditional surfboards: add the paddle, and you now have more stability, too.

It’s remarkable how gently yet effectively core muscles are strengthened.

There are scores of SUP races happening around the world all year ’round, so it won’t be hard for the sup racer to find an event.