Stand up paddle expeditions: Stories of adventure

Paddle expeditions — preparing for the first time? Find out here what you need to know.

Stand up paddle boarding has a history of being more than an afternoon on the water: reports of paddle boarding between Hawaiian islands, for example, takes the sport to a different level. So what about making your SUP experience a little more epic? Enter the world of SUP expedition.

Getting ready for an extended adventure raises some questions: How big should the board be? Hard board or inflatable? Should I a second paddle? How can my board be modified to pack supplies? The list of questions around paddle expeditions doesn't stop there. 

There is little information available online about SUP expeditions and how to prepare for them. We’ve gathered interesting accounts of personal and group SUP expeditions, listed below—and we’ll keep that list growing. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel when you can learn from others: if a SUP expedition is in your future, start here for answers, tips and interesting facts from people who have learned a few lessons and want to share their SUP expedition experience.

As well, see expedition style SUP board reviews and YouTube videos.

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Dockslocks locking system

posted in The Globe And Mail

You have to try this: Stand up and paddle from Vancouver to Victoria

by Bruce Kirkby

See this fine award winning video to top off the story

"The Questions We Ask" - Bruce Kirkby in a Kalum Ko film from Kalum Ko on Vimeo.

Tours for paddle expeditions

DESCRIPTION: explore paddle boarding expeditions across Canada


How To

How to pack for multi-day SUP trips

Pre trip gear test for a winter grand canyon expedition. The gear test covers the necessary gear needed to survive below freezing temperatures/

Personal expedition story

Arctic expedition (Greenland) with an inflatable SUP. Fabulous scenery Icebergs.

You have to try this: Stand up and paddle from Vancouver to Victoria

Reviews for "Expedition" style SUP boards:

DESCRIPTION: Review of boards for distance cruisers; Bark Expedition 14', Angulo Shako 14', Amundson T/R 12'6", Surftech Coast Runner 14', Tahoe Zephyr 12'6.

DESCRIPTION: Review (video) for "Expedition" stand up paddle board series


Expedition for a cause

A documentary (35 min.) by Norm Hann to raise awareness. This is about at 400km SUP expedition along the proposed north coast oil tanker route in British Columbia.

Trailer for Polar bears and Paddle boards Documentary

Polar Bears and Paddle Boards Documentary Trailer from Polar Bears & Paddleboards on Vimeo.

More accounts of personal expeditions

DESCRIPTION: Dave Cornthwaite travelled 2404 miles in 82 days!


Paddling 2,341 miles on the Missouri River, U.S.A.

DESCRIPTION: A 3 month solo SUP expedition from Anacortes, Washington U.S.A.  to Glacier Bay, Alaska through the Inside Passage.

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