Paddling the scenic Lower Colorado River through Bastrop Texas

by Casey Gotcher
(Austin Texas )

If you are ever in the Austin area, and you want to paddle, the obvious answer is Lady Bird Lake, in Downtown Austin. If you are a bit more adventurous however, you should consider taking a 30 minute drive east to a cool little town called Bastrop. Its pretty out there, and the Lower Colorado runs right through it. There is a paddle trail that many of us love to take advantage of. You put in at a boat ramp in a place called Fisherman's Park, and paddle 6.5 miles or so down river to the take out spot (link with info below).

Along this paddle, you will enjoy some nice calm relaxing paddling, down a meandering river, with a little current. There are a few spots with some mild rapids, that are fun to ride. Nothing too intimidating, just some fun little sections that can get you going over 7MPH, if the river is running good. Depending on drought conditions, you may also see some waterfalls coming down into the river. As for wildlife, you can plan on seeing fish, turtles, cows, Cranes, and maybe if you are lucky, some deer.

All in all this is a great paddle and one of my favorites in the area. The one challenge with doing a down river paddle, is having a car at both locations (the put in and the take out). In this case, that isn't an issue, as Lee Harle and Bastrop River Company has a shuttle service that can make this a hassle free experience. He can also give you the lowdown on all the local eateries. His recommendations are always spot on.

You can always hit me up for a paddle here in the Austin area too.
Casey Gotcher

Here is where you can find Lee and Bastrop River Company

Here is a link to the paddle trail info.

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