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Minor SUP repair to dings and scratches is easy, although larger gouges may require a professional. There are basically three kinds of boards when it comes to repair: epoxy, polyester, and inflatable.  

If you choose to work on a ding or dent yourself, get materials and tools ready ahead of time and work at a steady pace for best results. Try to begin the task when you know you won't be interupted.

If there is water in the board, give it plenty of time to drain out—at least 24 hours. Be sure the area you are working is clean and dry before you apply anything permanent. 

For tips, tricks, and tutorials check out the links below, including step-by-step video to take you through different repair scenarios. If you can’t find what you are looking for here, seek help from your board manufacturer or local SUP shop.  


See full review of the affordable Bluefin Sprint here:

Solarez UV Cure Epoxy Ding Repair - SUP / Surfboard Repair Kit (Weenie Travel Kit 0.5 Oz)

But first a few suggestions for SUP repair tips:

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Fiberglass marine grade

  • • Keep your a foam core board out of the sun for long periods. Using your board in the water all day is not an issue but many hours laying on the sand in the hot sun is a bad mix—the foam will expand and it will break open.
  • • it is best to keep your board in the shade when not being used. Especially if you are at a paddling site all day. Keep in mind, covering your board is not a fix if the outside temperature is high.
  • • These days boards have vent plugs to automatically vent gas and hot air build up from inside your board on a hot day but they will not work efficiently if your board expands too quickly. Don't rely 100% on the vent plug.
  • • If you hit something hard check your board immediately for dings or gashes. The worst scenario is water seeping into the foam core. If the ding is small give it the "suck" test—if you can suck air out it must be repaired immediately. If you can suck out water, position your board so it can completely drain. Then be sure it is completely dry. Repair with one of the materials below or take it to your nearest SUP shop.
  • • Your inflatable demands the same care as a hard board.
  • • Respect your board to reap longevity.

Here is an interesting tip for protecting your paddle blade. From Seabreeze:

Solarez UV Cure Epoxy Ding Repair - SUP / Surfboard Repair Kit (Weenie Travel Kit 0.5 Oz)


BOARD STYLE: Inflatable

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How to find air leaks and SUP repair tips for inflatable SUPs.

Patch and reinforce an Inflatable SUP. By NRS.

HARD Board

There are some quick fixes using pre-mixed epoxy or repair tape. There is also the conventional method, requiring manual mixing of resin and hardener. Be sure the area you are working on is clean and dry before you start.


"Solarez" Epoxy Repair Putty is formulated for repairing styrofoam-core (EPS) boards. Perfect for fixing and sealing cracks and dings. It completely cures in as little as 3 minutes when exposed to direct sunlight. This product reduces the human error factor present in the conventional mixing of resins and hardeners, and speeds up the repair process. 

BIC SUPs Jimmy Blakeney shows you how to repair fiberglass and plastic stand up paddleboards and surfboards.

How to Repair a SUP that flew off a car

Here's a quick and temporary way to repair an open ding on your paddle board. This method can be re-done over and over until you are ready to have a proper permanent job done. So easy. 

Repair an epoxy composite board. by Starboard

How to repair a crack or ding for SUP and Surboard

Paddleboard repair secrets by DingDrx

More on Solarez products

The following video explains the purpose of each kind of Solarez product. It includes Solarez for Epoxy boards.

Beginner paddleboard maintenance tips.

Apply rail tape to reinforce and make ding resistance. By Blue Planet.

LiftSUP handle installation


DESCRIPTION: A very good explanation of how to look after your board, as well as suggestions and reviews for repair products.

BOARD STYLE: Epoxy or Polyester

DESCRIPTION: Ding All SUP Repair Kit

BOARD STYLE: Hard boards

"Quick fix" ding repair

By Paiwen

This is about as quick as it gets. A product you can use on the spot. It dries in 15 minutes then you're back on the water. Quick fix is a pure resin (no fibreglass pieces mixed in). Just fill in the ding, cover with tape making sure there are no air bubbles. Dry in 15 minutes, remove tape and you are ready to go. Consider this repair temporary. Seek professional repair afterwards.

Marine-Tex epoxy. This is an epoxy putty that can be found at marine, hardware or auto stores. Five parts epoxy resin to one part hardener will do it.

Repair to a SUP damaged by a Forklift

Small dings using an instant filler and sealer called

Most of us aren't set up to board repair so efficiently as in this video but it certainly gives a clear sample of how the professionals do it.

Fin Box Repair

Note: the video shows repair to a "Futures" fin box using aluzine epoxy resin

Leash Repair

Repair a SUP surf leash – re-attach the cord to the ankle strap.

Paddle Repair and cut paddle to length

Not exactly repair – this is an instructional video – how to cut a stand up paddle to length.

PADDLE STYLE: carbon foam filled paddle

Repair to a carbon fibre foam filled paddle – split perpendicular to the shaft.

SUP Repair board stand

Height adjustable board stands for multiple uses made by Jeff Casper.

BOARD STANDS from Jeff Casper on Vimeo.

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