"Take Apart" Paddleboard

CubySUP Modular One™

CubySUP Modular One™ is the first 10'6 take apart all-rounder SUP that you can carry in a backpack. Created by award-winning expert Jacint Subirats in Barcelona, the Modular One's™ forward thinking design is composed of three rigid modules -nose, deck and tail- assemblable and detachable in just 20 seconds—it can be easily stored under a single sized bed.

Length: 10’6”
Width: 34.9”
Thickness: 4.1” incl. EVA/memory foam
Tail width: 29.2”
Center fin: 11”
Volume: 170 L 
Weight: 35 lbs / 16 kg.

Lucky Bum's family paddle board

Hydra Take Apart

Unfortunately The Corran Addision Project Never Launched 

Corran Addison dropped the project causing great disappointment to many. Refer to the following link for more information:

Imagine a take apart paddleboard that fits in the trunk of a small car, in a tidy little zippered bag and has a starting price of $300. Revolutionary?—maybe, innovative and unique?—very.

This concept is the most portable paddleboard designed to date.  Simply add sections to build it.

This could be the perfect family board accommodating all members of a growing family. Shipping, packing, storing, and carrying have just become care free. Travel ground and air will be a breeze. 

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