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—precision Kaimano locking system mechanism

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Do you hesitate to leave your board unattended even for a couple of minutes? The Kaimano locking system may be what you've been wishing for.

You may STILL be looking for the perfect longboard fin box locking system and there may not be one that covers all the bases, but the Kaimano locking system is getting pretty close. If you want a secure, sturdy, slick locking system with endless possibilities for what to attach a cable to, this locking system may be the one you've been waiting for.

Where does the Kaimano Surf locking system really shine?

  • The “securement” pieces can be a one-time installation OR, if you wish, they can be removed in less than a minute. Installation and removal is a no-brainer…quick and easy
  • If your board is finless and you choose to leave the two merged “securement” pieces in the fin box, it is impossible for it to fall out from road vibration or any kind of movement because of its proprietary design
  • There are no parts to lose. Keep the securement pieces permenantly in your fin box. If you forget your cable and/or lock while travelling, you can purchase another set anywhere that sells them
  • The consumer has the choice of purchasing the sturdy rubber wrapped “Bully” lock and cable that Kaimano offers OR ANY lock and cable you find to fit. That means endless possibilities for lock quality and cable quality, length and strength.
  • The securement pieces are made of marine grade aluminum—that means STRONG. And of course it is resistant to salt water or any water
  • Fits standard longboard fin box *see review — link below

Who is behind this innovative design?

Todd Viveiros from Oceanside California is the creator and proprietor of Kaimano Surf locking systems. At a very young age he was guided by his father to become a surfer. Spending all that time at the seaside he was actutely aware that a board locking system was needed—one that people could trust.  In February of 2017 Todd released to the market a one-of-a-kind board locking system—the "Kaimano Surf Locking System".  We at Stand Up Paddle Boarding Guide believe it is superior in its class and we believe you won’t be disappointed.

Testing this locking system lead us to write a full review: http://www.standuppaddleboardingguide.com/SUP-gear-reviews-locking-systems.html

See Kaimano installation video:

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