Inflatable stand up paddle boards

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Inflatable stand up paddle boards have come along way since they arrived on the SUP scene about 2010. Early issues around achieving and maintaining air pressure have largely been solved, and some manufacturers claim their inflatable SUPs are comparable to a hard board for stiffness and manoeuverability. Experimentation with new materials to improve durability, especially for river riding, is on-going.

Inflatables are commonly purchased for families that would prefer the ability to share a board. They are especially bouyant, fairly bump proof and one size can fit all! Try before you buy and ask to go through the process of inflating the board yourself. Via this process you can quickly sense if there is any difficulty getting the final 2 or 3 lbs pressure into the board assuring the degree of hardness you want/need to achieve.

Red Paddle Co. inflatables

Sea Eagle Needlenose Inflatable SUP

Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Fly Air Range

By Fanatic International

Explains the Fanatic inflatable line including their construction method. The speaker points out that the inflatable SUPs have come along way in the last 2 years. The issue of pumping up and keeping the inflatable hard and staying that way has disappeared. 

BIC inflatable stand up paddle boards

The new BIC SUP Air Inflatable Paddle Boards for 2014 are designed for nomad paddlers who like to bring their board on their train, boat or plane journeys or simply for people with limited storage space. They are rigid, tough and extremely versatile all-rounders.

Slingshot Crossbreed 2014

By Sling Shot sports

The 2014 Crossbreed inflatable new features for 2014. The dimensions and shape of this board makes it an all around touring inflatable. This 33" wide board is as stable and forgiving. 

Corran SUP boards

By Corran Addison

A brief description of the inner workings and concept behind the ultra-stiff Corran Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, and what makes these boards work well.

Touring and river paddling. "404 inflatable"

By Paddle Surf Warehouse

he 404 Inflatable is ideal for traveling, river paddling, and boating. 

Specifications: traction pad, handle and D-rings and a bungy system for strapping down all your gear. The package also includes a backpack, high volume pump w/ pressure gauge, and rubber patch kit. 

12' 6" x 30". High-quality dropstitch technology for durability and impact resistance.

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