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At the request of Outdoor Master tested and reviewed the new release of the Shark 2s air pump. Shark 2s review:

First impressions - Shark 2s review

Shark 2s: Inflates Your Fun, Not Your Frustration

Outdoor Master boasts the Shark 2s as "Smart and Powerful," and our tests confirm it! This portable unit lived up to its claim of inflating up to 4 boards on a single charge. During this Shark 2s review, we successfully inflated and deflated a 14' Bluefin board and a 12' jet drive Sipa board three times in a row, showcasing the effectiveness of the Shark 2s cooling system. The unit warmed during use but was never close to overheating.

Accuracy was also on point. The final PSI was checked to find it matched the reading on the Shark 2s large display. The display also offers intuitive icons for various  gear you may choose to inflate. The included manual is well-written and easy to understand - we recommend reading it for safety precautions before use.

A bonus for portability is the comfortably designed carry handle that accommodates all hand sizes. Finally, the Shark 2s is noticeably quieter than its competitor, the Airbank Puffer Pro, at both inflation stages.

Specifcations to note:

  • Three ports - USB-C, USB, 12v DC
  • Cooling vents
  • 88.8 WH
  • 2 stage inflation
  • Realtime accurate psi count
  • 2 stage inflation
  • Measures 11” long x 10’’ wide x 4.5” deep
  • 4.4 lbs.

Photo above shows 3 ports (middle) and inflate / deflate connectors (left and right)


Photo above shows underside vents for cooling system. The Shark 2s was warm - never felt hot while inflating 4 boards in succession.

Inflation time measured:

  • 14’ Bluefin inflated to 17 psi - 13 minutes 50 second.
  • 12’ Sipa inflated to 17 psi - 11 minutes 55 seconds.

Photo above shows completed psi  to 170 for 14' board consuming 1 power bar.

Gaskets - Nozzles:

The Bluefin board needed a thicker gasket for a secure fit.
The Sipa board needed the thinest gasket for a secure fit.
Note: there are three gaskets in the kit although the two thickest ones appear to be exactly the same. Read further this Shark 2s review.

  • Multiple nozzles come with the kit to accommodate multiple kinds of inflatable sports gear. The categories one the Shark 2s display are SUP, Kite and Mattress.
  • We tested inflations for 14" Bluefin and 12' Sipa board only.

Operating the Shark 2s:

  • Straight forward: long press to active display. Set your desired psi then short press to begin inflation.
  • The last psi entered will stay in its memory until you need to change it for another board.
  • The first stage inflates to 3 - 4 psi along with an impressive low volume sound then it kicks into the second stage with a higher sounding volume - reasonably tolerated.
  • The unit stops automatically at the psi you set it for. After inflation the board psi was checked with a gauge - the gauge psi match the Shark 2s display evey time.
  • No problem to pause inflation if needed, it will pick up where it left off.

Photo above
Power button - long press lights up display - short press starts inflation.

Shark 2s  - two-stage sound:

  • The first stage is surprisingly quiet.
  • The second stage is louder although you can still have a conversation standing next to the unit.

After inflating 4 boards:

  • When the fourth and last board reached 16.3 psi, the 4th and last green bar on the display went black indicating the end of power. The Shark 2s continued to complete inflation to 17 psi, and still had enough power left over to deflate the board. It was time to charge the unit.


  • Fast and efficient. Only takes a few minutes to deflate to a completely flat board. Continue reading this Shark 2s review for the conclusion.

Photo above shows the Shark 2s will display 00 psi while deflating board.

Charging up the Shark 2s afterwards: 

You have the option of 3 charging modes/ports - USB, USB-C and 12 volt DC. NOTE: Included with the Shark 2s is a 12 volt connector and a connector with USB-C at one end and a USB at the other end. {There is no power bar included. We used a personal Apple brand of connector for a longer reach - with a USB-C at both ends and a personal Apple power bar. 

  • Overall it took 6 hours and 50 minutes for a complete a full charge.
  • Out of interest: The first bar had a complete charge at the 1 hour and 1 minute mark. The second bar (half way mark) had a complete charge at the 2 hour and 33 minute mark. The third bar had a complete charge at the 4 hour and 1 minute mark. And the fourth and final bar had a complete and total charge at the 6 hours and 50 minute mark.

Suggestions to the consumer:

  • READ the MANUAL first. It will alert you to good safety practises. And will get you started quickly. 
  • Be sure both ends of the hose are positioned in a straight line for best air transfer. Don’t allow a twisted hose.
  • Be sure the hose is connected securely at both ends to prevent air leakage.
  • The Shark weighs only 4.4 lbs (approx) - attach the hose to the board end first. If you attach the Shark 2s end first it can twist and turn the Shark 2s over, so keep the unit away from a ledge/drop where it can roll over and fall onto a hard surface. 

Suggestions to Outdoor Master:

  • Maybe take it one step further - It would be helpful to see a remaining power level within each bar to know exact power remaining - Not a fault - only a suggestion.
  • To prevent dust, debris, and random insects from creeping into the openings of the unit, a storage cover could be a practical offering for transporting and seasonal storage.


The Shark 2s stands out as a reliable, lightweight, and accurate inflatable paddleboard (SUP) pump. It delivers impressive inflation efficiency, handling 4 boards on a single charge. Easy to use and  has a surprisingly lower volume than some other portable air pumps. The Shark 2s is a great value for SUP enthusiasts. Its compact design and time-saving features make it a no-brainer recommendation for anyone looking to inflate their SUP quickly and effortlessly.

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