Paddle board paddles and paddling

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Dig in to learn about paddle board paddles and paddling. Choose the right paddle and learn the proper paddling stroke. Understand the efficiency of proper technique and other tips and tricks for minimal strain and maximum enjoyment. For more, go to: SUP paddles 

Jimmy Terrell dry land paddle clinic

Olympic competitor Jimmy shares his unique approach to teaching people how to paddle. He starts out by saying "there is no right way to paddle", "although the mechanics is very important". Learn techniques to paddle efficiently to prevent injury. Jimmy shares paddling tips and more. The following video is 13 min. and is packed with solid information.

Choose the right paddle board paddles

By Stand Up Paddling TV

This video looks at how to select the right paddle for your body size, type, and for the type of paddling you're going to do.

How to size, cut and glue with epoxy a SUP handle on a SUP paddle

By Isle Surf & SUP

Easy to follow instructions.

The making of a custom wood paddle surfing paddle

by Jords Wood Shop

Bent lamination method for the shaft and solid timber for the blade. For more information about this paddle see or

Hilman SUP paddles

by Beeldin Beweging

A dutch surfer and carpenter. Passions collide in building paddles and ocean paddle surfing. For more information about Hiliman paddles see or

The ideal forward stroke

By Stand Up Paddling TV

With proper forward paddling technique, you'll be able to paddle your stand up paddle board more efficiently and powerfully, while reducing the stress on your body. This is a very good explanation of the basic forward stroke.

How to paddle straight

By Stand Up Paddling TV

Three techniques to help make your board travel straight. These techniques apply in all situationas from flat water to white water. Its all about your ability to manipulate the blade. Technique, technique, technique is the bottom line. Practise make perfect.

The technical aspects of stand up paddling

By Quickblade Paddles

Breaking down the stroke used in Stand-Up Paddling. Jim Terrell, the creator of QuickBlade paddles, covers all the aspects of a good stand-up paddling stroke - speed, stroke rate, stroke distance, technique and more.

The ideal forward SUP stroke. By StandUpPaddling.

Paddle Technique: recovery, paddle grip and length

By Blue Planet Surf

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