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You’ve got a secret. It’s about that gorgeous stretch of river, that stunning sunset surf, that pristine, glassy lake. It’s your absolute favourite of all possible SUP destinations, and you’re ready to spill the beans.

Why? Because the very best secrets are shared with the people who will appreciate them most—and that’s other SUPers—and who are going to share their best SUP destinations with you in return. How great is that?

Here you can create your very own SUP destination page where you can write your own story or comments, be a SUP star, and let your fellow SUPers know where in the world you most love to go. It’s your page, so that means you can return to add new discoveries. 

Write the tale of your unforgettable trip, post some pics or even video. Not so great a trip? Tell us why. Good advice to pass on? We want to know. Can’t stop talking about it? You’ve come to the right place.

The beauty of all of this is that you’ll find new pages about best SUP destinations cropping up all the time as the SUP family grows, and the beans are spilled. The more we tell our stories, the greater the SUP experience. And that’s no secret.

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