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Bluefin sup review

Bluefin sup review - Its affordable! and loaded with features - the Sprint

Our Bluefin sup  review finds the Sprint It to be super stable, tracks and glides well and everything you need to get on the water is in the box, and that my friends is the magic formula that attracts the average consumer of inflatable boards. This one shines.

UPDATE: We have had multiple age groups try it out from people in their 30s to 60s. The common comments acknowledged is stability and speed. Note: Bluefin released the new Sprint Carbon in 2023.

The sprint proves to be above average in multiple ways. Once you discover what Bluefin has to offer, it becomes clear why they’ve earned a significant presence in the SUP world and why their board packages attract a wide range of consumers. The combination of 5 year warranty, 60 day return policy and global shipping is not only impressive but unheard of. And Bluefin offers board packages accessible to all. Bluefin board packages are affordable, (I’ll probably use the word “affordable” over and over), thoughtfully designed and use materials that will last years and years with proper care.

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Designed for touring, long distance, and expeditions
Length: 14’ Bluefin Sprint
Width: 14’ x 30”
Thickness: 6” deep
Weight: 36 lbs. or 16.3 kg
PSI: Inflates to a suggested 15 - 18 psi 
Cargo load: According to Bluefin will carry up to 400 lbs 
Paddle: 3-piece adjustable fibreglass shaft and polyurethane composite blade - blade length 8 1/4” at widest point x 18” in length. Adjusts from 69” (1.75 metres) - 89” (2.26 metres)
Fins: “Smart” fin system. 3 fin set-up (removable) Two 6” side fins and a 9” centre fin
Leash: ankle. A standard coiled style for touring
Pump: dual action - single chamber – pumps on the upward and downward stroke – nice!
Materials: Bluefin states: they use 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC & Pro Weave Drop Stitch exclusively. Because of these specifications the materials are tough enough to support 28 PSI according to the people at Bluefin.

First impressions

Everything you need to start paddling is in the box and more. Literally; board, pump, fins, paddle, ankle leash, waterproof phone dry bag and repair kit and extra lever for “Smart Fin” fin box. This board is thoughtfully designed. 

Once you see the Sprint fully inflated, it is clear that it can handle a heavy load. It is unmistakably setup for touring. At 18 psi you’ll the board to be RIGID. This board is just as rigid as other higher priced inflatables. 

The Sprint has a large grip-pad with a kick pad near the tail to hold your stance during tight turns. It’s shaped with a sharp angled nose, narrow tail, a flat hull, and flat deck. Outstanding in flat water and handles chop well. Easy straight tracking with 3-fin setup. If you choose to use the single centre fin only, you’ll notice a distinct pick-up in speed. A plus to offer removable fins; that means options for the way you want to paddle.

You may read in some consumer reviews, this board is a little heavier than some other comparable boards although not by much. The Sprint weighs 36 lbs. same as 16.3 kg. It is a reasonable weight for most people to carry.

Easy to inflate:

The single barrel. double action pump is a pleasure to operate; efficient and easy to use. It pumps on the upward and downward stroke. And takes about 20 minutes or less to inflate. Anyone can do it. A superb pump. - Bluefin Sprint board review.

The ride:

What we noticed first during out Bluefin sup review: From a stand still there is some resistance to propel forward, after a few paddle strokes, momentum kicks in with a distinct pick up in speed and glide. This board is so very stable and comfortable to stand on with a completely flat deck – a flat deck may mean less foot fatigue.  It tracks very well in both the 3-fin set-up and single centre fin alone. If you want more speed, the Sprint really shines —simply remove the two side fins to use the single fin only; it will put a smile on your face. This board is outstanding in flat water and holds its own in choppy waters. 

The handles, cargo space, d-rings for Bluefin sup review

The handles:

Well equipped with strategically placed handles and D-rings. The board deck has three centre handles and 2 more at the deck nose and deck tail. There are plenty of options for ways to carry, lift and mount this board. The centre handle offers integrated neoprene paddle stay. 

Sup gear reviews - paddle boards

Cargo space, D-rings, bungee cords:

There is an abundance of space to pack gear forward of centre handle (foot print is approximately 3 sq ft or .28 sq metres) and rear of centre handle (foot print is approximately 1 sq ft or .09 sq metres). 

There are 20 D-rings and plenty of bungee elastic to hold cargo. You’ll also see D-rings in place to attach the kayak kit that Bluefin is known for. (sold separately for this board)

Smart add-on: in close proximity to the nose D-ring sits a receiver to mount an action camera. 

Fins, bag, paddle:

Smart Fins:

The Sprint comes with a 3 fin set-up. Each fin is removable and uses a proprietary “Smart Fin” system to secure in place. Simply lift the lever, guide the fin into the fin box and push down. Then press lever down until it clicks - It’s fast and easy. The fins are made of a rigged composite.

Removable fins means options. Choose between 1 centre fin OR 3 fin setup - Two 6” outside fins and one 9” centre fin. This is not a universal fin box. It is proprietary to fit these specific fins.

Carry / Storage bag:

Its skookum! Adjustable straps, side pocket, top handle, outside large zippered area for all accessories. Water resistant inside, topped with bonded fabric on the outside. 3-sided zipper to allow wide opening to insert deflated board. 4 adjustable side straps and wide padded adjustable carry straps.

The paddle:

In the box is a 3-piece paddle with a fibreglass shaft with polyurethane composite blade. Once the 3 pieces are clicked in and aligned, you’ll forget its a 3-piece. Sturdy secure connections. And the levers can be tightened to be sure alignment stays put.

It’s easy to keep the blade quiet on entry. And as Bluefin advertises, no flutter through the pull. Lighter than aluminum paddle – heavier than carbon paddle.

Just have to say...

Added comments:

The “Smart” fins are removable rather than fixed. Suggestion (but not a deal breaker): We’d like to see Bluefin offer the option to switch out the centre curved fin for a racing or touring fin. It would allow for much more flexibility that this board could certainly handle.

The Sprint is marketed as a board for intermediate to experienced paddlers. Because this board is so stable, we would not hesitate to invite a beginner to try it out.

Final notes for this Bluefin sup review

There are so many attributes to point out about the company and the board. Bluefin boards carry a 5 year warranty, sixty day returns, and free global shipping – significant by any standards. The packages are affordable by comparison to what other known inflatable board makers offer. It is clear why Bluefin boards appeal to the masses. Affordable, sturdy, with everything you need to begin paddling included the box. This board offers it all!

You won’t be disappointed! We hope you were able to get the full spectrum from the Bluefin Sprint board review. 

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