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Inexpensive paddle boards: hmm... for many this simple thought will be all the nudge needed to buy one, for yourself, your kids or both!

If you are wanting to buy and the time is now, consider lower cost paddle boards. It won't dig so deep into your pocket book. It will leave you some money for the accessories you'll need or want, and it will get you up and paddling without worrying about the beginner dings and repair costs of a high-end board. The truth is you'll have loads of fun regardless of the price.

This site provides all you need to know to start-up, maintain and explore paddle boarding. A good place to start is with some video at "SUP basics" and "About paddle boards" located on the navigation bars to the left. Your height, weight and ability will determine board size, and style. 

"The House Outdoor Gear" featured here has many, inexpensive paddle boards to choose from on their site. Not only do they offer a long list of well known brand board names. "The House" has been in business for 30 years. Take a moment to look a consumer reviews regarding shopping experience in the top right column—it is impressive. And for board reviews look across to the right.

5 smart reasons to consider inexpensive paddle boards


If you have been hesitating to make your first purchase because of higher priced boards, maybe reading this will put your mind at ease—you CAN and will find a level of quality that will satisfy and serve you well at these lower prices at "The House". Be sure to read the consumer board reviews in the right column.


To purchase a board for each member of a family could hurt financially. Manufacturers acknowledge this scenario. If you want to keep the cost down consider an all-round board with enough volume to hold each family member individually. Ad an adjustable paddle to fit everyone's varying height and there you have it, another fun family recreation. Consider a soft top poly board that will take the bumps and skids that are inevitable with kids or perhaps an inflatable for the same reasons. You might add a flexible fin and now the whole combination becomes very low maintenance.


Are you a serious racer, big wave paddle surfer or maybe into expeditions?...If yes, chances are you'll want a specialized board. Although there are some boards at "The House" to consider for you as well.

For the rest of the 90 per cent who just want to have fun flat water paddling or cruising or catching a few waves, a lower cost board is a smart, low risk, economically place to begin. 


Once you gain confidence and a greater skill-set perhaps prompting you to purchase another board, you have choices. Keep your first board for when a friend stops by, pass it on to a family member or If you want to sell it, chances are it won't sit idle for long. From all angles you most likely get your moneys worth. 


Plastic boards are significantly lower cost, are much more stable over-all, and have the advantage of durability. All these characteristics are ideal for beginners, kids and families. Because of their sufficient bouyancy it is common to see tandem paddlers using this style of board.

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