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A smart paddler knows that good gear means a great ride. Read SUP gear reviews. What paddler doesn’t want a great stand up paddle boarding experience? These gear reviews will help you choose your gear wisely for the best possible ride.

There are basic rules to a safe ride: respect your gear, heed SUP safety, and grab a friend to join you. But before you get to that stage, take some time to choose your gear wisely. How we paddle, where we paddle, and what we paddle on are all linked to that great SUP experience.

Reviews from one source won’t give you the full story. But when you start reading comments that are consistent from several sources, you can begin to qualify your buying choices. In these reviews, we’ve done some of the work for you to help you to make good choices by combing online reviews and offering first-hand experience. But while this site is intended to be one-stop-shopping for all things SUP, buying stand up paddle board gear is a personal investment: it makes sense to read several reviews before making your final decision. 

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Whether you're a long standing business or just starting out, we want to hear about the gear that you promote and love and why you think it's a must-have for any paddle boarder. By sharing your experience and insights with our community of paddle boarding enthusiasts, you can help others make informed decisions about the gear they choose to use on the water.

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