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Mustang Survival self inflatable PFD MD3071

April 25, 14


Mustang Survival self inflatable PFD MD3071 


This pfd looks to be well made with a comfortable 1 1/2” waist strap and sturdy secure buckle.

SPECIFICATIONS -  35lb. buoyancy when inflated, manual inflation, inspection and maintenance window.


The waist strap extends to approx 45” waist size.


  • This pfd is light weight with little bulk.
  • Perfect for paddling calm waters.
  • Coast Guard approved.
  • Be sure to view the following video below to see how it inflates 

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Stohlquist Women's Cruiser 

April 25/14


Kayak Type III Lifejacket PFD


Excellent quality in materials and workmanship. Heavy duty nylon closure zipper and two pocket zippers at the front The straps are heavy duty, adjustable and quick to tighten and release.
SPECIFICATIONS - 16 oz., 12 oz. buoyancy, 1.5 inch webbing shoulder straps, large zipper front pockets, cross chest cinch harness. 4 point adjustments. Contoured supportive inner cups providing extra room for ladies curves throughout the chest area. 


True to size.


  • The strong points...there are many: the easy adjustable strap/buckle design is quick to tighten and release.
  • The moulded curves on the inside at the chest is a blessing in terms of fit. This is the strongest point for me. The little bit of indented curve provides just enough relief to give the comfort needed to wear a pfd for long periods of paddling time.
  • The angle and positioning of all adjustable straps are in the right places to ensure the pfd does not move up from the pressure of a fall into the water. 
  • The low profile large arm-hole openings allow for ease of paddling. Lets face it, a vest for most females is not the most comfortable item to wear. Having said that, this is the most comfortable vest for paddling that I have found to date (I don’t claim to have tried them all!). It is easy to forget you are wearing it during a long paddle session.
  • And it is cute! It is embroidered with a pretty vine/flower design and looks very girly and quite classy!
  • No chafing at the inside of the arms when paddling. No part of the vest gets in the way. It is low profile and can be adjusted for length to some degree.
  • This vest is impressive! It has many significant attributes. And (bonus) it is one of the more fashionable pfds out there… really good looking!

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