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At the request of "DaSail Fit" we reviewed the "DaSail Fit" paddle.

July 17, 2015

DaSail Fit –


  • DaSail Fit paddle is very well made with thoughtful design.
  • Impressively crafted.
  • The sail mechanics – cleverly designed with ease in mind. The mechanism to reveal and hide the sail operates seamlessly.
  • The clamp lock for adjusting the length of the paddle works smoothly and quickly.
  • The sail portion with its own handle to pull in and out is precision fit within the paddle handle itself.  

"DaSail Fit" paddle

As stated by website:

  • Full carbon fibre one piece paddle
  • 2.3 lb.
  • Blade Width 8”
  • Clamp lock for adjusting length
  • Paddle with the sail down – adjust to 74” - 93”
  • Paddle with the sail up – 120” - 139” 
  • The sail offers more than 12 feet of sailing surface
  • ABS palm grip 
  • Reinforced blade spine
  • Sail material - 1.1 oz. rip-stop nylon

THE BOARD USED with “DaSail Fit” paddle FOR THIS REVIEW 
12’ 6” Raven 2


  • “DaSail Fit" is not only novel; it reveals its practical side after just a little practise
  • To transform the paddle between “sailing" mode or "non-saiing" takes only seconds.
  • Easy and fun to use. Plenty of fun for family and friends.
  • The sail produces immediate results with as little as a breeze.
  • The 2.3 lb. weight of the paddle is noticed immediately—although, it doesn’t take long to get accustomed to. 
  • Paddling long distance is surprisingly comfortable. We say surprising because of the added weight.
  • 2 testers comment on connecting the downhaul loop at the sail to the downhaul ring on the shaft: One found it quick and easy. The other wanted it to be easier. It comes down to hand dexterity and only a little practise. 


DaPad supports the paddle blade to keep it in place while sailing. It is designed with an indented/notched grid for placement of the blade, at multiple angles while maneuvering. 

"DaPad" installation

Easy installation - We used a measuring tape, masking tape and marker to help with alignment of "DaPad."
The sticky side of the pad provides a secure hold. This pad will not shift out of alignment once it is installed.


Before removing the backing that exposes the sticky bottom of DaPad, be sure the surface of the paddle board is clean and measurements are accurate.

If your first try is a little off centre, no worries, it is quite easy to pull off and reposition. The key is not put final pressure on the pad until you are sure the positioning is to your liking.


Strong points:
We were impressed with how quick and easy it is to get the sail in and out of the shaft. The transition is smooth whether the sail is being hidden or revealed. This is good news for when the wind suddenly stops or suddenly starts up. Or if you want to change your mind on a whim, or if you are moving too fast for comfort in high winds. It all works in seconds. This ingenious design is simple, efficient and impressively crafted.

Operating with the sail up:

Once the sail is up, and the blade is positioned into one of the several grooves on “DaPad", movement is instant. For a quick start, simply hold the shaft vertical with the wind to your back, and you’re off. To move in varying direction, simply change placement of the blade. Lift the blade, then turn and place into another provided angle on “DaPad". .

To turn quickly or for larger sweeping turns, push or pull the paddle to produce an angled position, as opposed to the vertical position. Hold the shaft in one hand and bend the centre tip of the sail with the other hand to manipulate the turn and provide even more control. According to the creators at, This paddle has the ability to sail tack, and perform other maneuvers. We experienced turning and early stages of tacking…it only takes practise. 

Just paddling:
The blade provides a solid, clean catch with a light swing weight. It takes some time getting used to the balance of more weight at the top although, this doesn't take long. This balance does not interfere, hinder or restrict a casual or steady consistent paddling experience.


Note: we took the "DaSail Fit" out 5 times in high river waters with a swift current, experiencing the following range of weather conditions. We expect that lakes and oceans will produce results that could be different to our findings here. 

In a breeze with flat water

  • There is plenty of sail to catch a breeze.
  • You’ll feel an easy, gentle ride.
  • A consistent breeze still allows for simple, gentle maneuvers.
  • The sail is quick to attach in a breeze.
  • The paddle blade turns easily into "DaPad” grid.

In 6.8 mph / 5.9 knots / 11 km / winds with mild chop:

  • The sail catches the wind immediately.
  • Depending on your ability to manipulate the sail the possibilities are endless.
  • At this speed a wide range of paddles can handle the sailing comfortably.
  • The paddle blade now takes a little more effort to change placement on DaPad.

In 9.3 mph / 8.1 knots / 15 km / winds with gusts and 6 inch waves.

  • For the advanced.
  • To be expected…everything about the paddle in “sailing” mode takes more effort at this wind speed.
  • More strength and agility is needed to maneuver efficiently and safely.
  • Depending on the desired maneuver, sometimes two hands are needed to turn the paddle blade into DaPad grid. It is also possible to turn and angle the blade without actually lifting and re-placing the blade. For a secure hold the blade must be sitting within a notch on the grid. It all take a little practise.

Added Notes: 
The first trip out, we used DaSail Fit as a paddle only, for 2.8 miles or 4.5 km going into a strong upstream current for 1 hour and 20 minutes on the Columbia River. Comparing a full carbon fibre paddle without a sail to a full carbon fibre paddle with a sail, frankly, is an unbalance comparison—DaSail Fit is in a class of it’s own. For example, if you are used to a 1 lb or less. carbon fibre paddle, you will immediately notice the added weight at the top half where the sail hides. If "DaSail Fit" is your primary paddle you’ll get used to the weight quickly. If you are a paddler that wants a serious benefit of speed, "DaSail Fit” might be your secondary paddle. 

A suggestion for “DaPad" 

“DaPad" works exactly as stated by It works and it works well. We are suggesting here that sail devise a secondary way to turn the blade as an option to consumers. Here it is...As the wind gets stronger there is more effort involved in lifting and turning the blade. We think an improvement would be to devise a process of turning the blade and the grid, to exclude the action of lifting and re-placing the blade for the multiple angles offered—perhaps a pad on a turning mechanism that somehow snaps or locks into place with each turn. Sure its easy for us to say…just a thought. 

2014 SUP gear reviews
paddles and paddle accessories

Werner Carve M

Werner Carve M

High quality

As stated  by Werner – “M” for midsize to accommodate the widest range of paddler. For touring, surfing and yoga and we would like to add flat water paddling.

Surface Area 100 sq in
Blade Length x Width 19 x 7.25 in
One piece Straight Shaft Weight 602g/21.25oz
(available in 2 and 3 piece)

seven degree blade-to-shaft offset
ABS palm grip Fibreglass blade
Carbon shaft
Reinforced blade spine

Our first impression - lightweight.

  • It only took a few strokes to feel the ease of movement and efficiency of this paddle. The blade shape, weight and grip allow for over all, easy paddling. It stays square in the water on each forward pull. No side to side wobble. Smooth stroke with just the right width for a no-catch release to end each stroke.
  • Light swing weight for traveling long distance. 
  • Efficient paddling whether using a casual, steady or speedy pull.
  • Sleek and thin with vertical reinforcement and blade tip reinforcement. 
  • The length on the blade has a subtle, smooth “V” shape from the base to the top of the blade. 
  • The sum of these details certainly proves to be a pleasurable paddle experience.

Added Notes:

  • This paddle was tested for touring only. 
  • The ABS palm grip is a comfortable fit for a medium to large sized hand. (We did not test for small sized hand at this time). 
  • Come back again for added information on how this paddle stands up over time. 

Slingshot Switchblade adjustable paddle

May 17/2014



Excellent quality.


  • shaft: 100 per cent carbon
  • blade: fiberglass
  • blade length 19.5 in
  • blade width 8.3 in
  • paddle weight 21/8 oz
  • blade area 99.2 sq in
  • angle of blade: 10 degrees


  • Some adjustable paddles wobble between the two shafts. The Switchblade is tight and solid – no wobble.
  • It is very quick to change length on the fly as water conditions or preferred speed changes.
  • The manufacturer states: it is very efficient, offering gentle power and a smooth easy stroke. They speak the truth.
  • Light weight. Certainly light enough for long distance cruising.
  • It's a good idea to go with an adjustable paddle when you don't know your specific preferred length yet, or you need to change lengths during a paddle depending on conditions or you need to share.
  • Good for a serious paddler of all levels.
  • Costs in the range of $230 - $240.00 U.S.

NOTE: We could not find a single review on the web for this paddle. Contact us if you would like to point out more of its attributes.

Seattle Sports SUP paddle bag blade shield

April 30/2014



Excellent quality. This cover looks like it will last.


18" x 11" x 2”. Outer shell is rip-stop nylon. 1/4” foam padding on both sides of paddle.


  • This is an impressive cover and an impressive price (We paid $12.93 U.S. but I see the price is back to $24.95). We still say it is well worth it. 
  • Very sturdy,
  • The nylon surface repels water 
  • It has an outer mesh pocket with zipper access, a D-ring on the narrow end and a sturdy generous loop on the wide end for hanging. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing design (steal blue and black). 
  • Impressive quality.
  • Smooth zipper closing. 
  • There is plenty of protection because of the dense 1/4” foam. Perfect for travel and storage. 

BUY NOW Seattle Sports SUP paddle bag blade shield

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