Paddle boarding disciplines

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One of the wonders of SUP is its wide range of paddle boarding disciplines. Cruise flat water in the moonlight, practice SUP yoga in the morning, or for an afternoon adventure, surf some big waves. Choose one, or choose all three categories of paddling. This fast growing water sport continues to evolve in board design, paddle design and practical gear, so the experience just keeps on getting better. As you become comfortable with technique and conditions—calm water to current to surf—the possibilities are endless.

The most common paddle boarding disciplines

Stand up paddle disciplines are many, each with its own specific rules and requirements. Here are some of the most common SUP disciplines:

  • Flatwater racing: Flatwater racing involves racing on calm waters such as lakes, canals, and rivers. Competitors use specialized racing boards to achieve maximum speed and efficiency over long distances.
  • Downwind racing: Downwind racing involves racing on open water with the wind at your back. This discipline requires specialized boards that are designed to catch and ride waves for maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Surfing: SUP surfing involves catching waves and riding them standing up on a paddleboard. Surfers use specialized SUP surfboards that are shorter and more maneuverable than other types of SUPs.
  • River SUP: River SUP involves paddling on whitewater rivers and rapids. This discipline requires specialized boards that are shorter and more maneuverable than other types of SUPs to navigate the fast-moving water and obstacles.
  • Touring: SUP touring involves exploring waterways over long distances. Touring SUPs are designed for stability, comfort, and efficiency and are ideal for exploring lakes, rivers, and coastal waters.
  • Yoga: SUP yoga involves practicing yoga on a paddleboard on calm waters. SUP yoga is an excellent way to improve balance, core strength, and flexibility while enjoying the peaceful surroundings of the water.
  • Fitness: SUP fitness involves using a paddleboard for a full-body workout, including cardio, strength training, and yoga. SUP fitness is a fun and challenging way to improve fitness levels while enjoying the outdoors.

The popularity of SUP disciplines varies

The popularity of different stand up paddle boarding disciplines varies depending on factors such as location, weather conditions, and personal preferences. However, the most popular SUP discipline is likely to be recreational paddling or touring, which involves exploring the waterways and enjoying the scenic surroundings.

Recreational paddling and touring are popular among beginners and experienced paddlers alike, as it is a relaxing and low-impact activity that can be enjoyed on calm waters such as lakes, rivers, and canals. It is a great way to enjoy nature, improve fitness, and spend time with family and friends.

SUP surfing and racing are also popular disciplines, particularly in coastal areas where there are waves and competitive events. SUP fitness, yoga, and river paddling are also gaining popularity as more people discover the benefits of these activities.

Overall, the popularity of different SUP disciplines depends on a range of factors, including geography, climate, and personal preferences. However, recreational paddling and touring are likely to be the most popular SUP disciplines worldwide.

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12 ways to go paddle boarding
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SUP disciplines include flat water racing, open ocean racing, sup surfing, sup river rapids and even sup yoga.

You’ve found this website, so you’re on your way. We’ve put all the resources you need here: links to instructional videos, opportunities, articles and sources. From here, learn how to get started, what to look for in a board, and the different ways you can enjoy this great sport, from gentle exercise to the thrill of fast water. One of the best ways to get inspired is to read first person accounts of people like you—younger and older, on their own or with the whole family, at all fitness levels—who tried it and got hooked.

How do YOU use your paddle board?

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In case you didn't know...

Rumour is that SUP began in Hawaii for the purpose of travelling from island to island—a fun and practical form of transportation with great exercise as a bonus. Things haven’t changed: paddling on a board is still practised for fun and function, for exercise and adventure, for kids, youth, families, singles and seniors.

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Stand up paddle surf boards are more buoyant than traditional surfboards: add the paddle, and you now have more stability, too.

It’s remarkable how gently yet effectively core muscles are strengthened.

There are scores of SUP races happening around the world all year ’round, so it won’t be hard for the sup racer to find an event.