Stand up paddle surfing video

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Pique your adventurous side with a stand up paddle surfing video that’s as close as you can get to actually riding that wave. Move your inner surf soul as you learn the techniques of how to catch a wave, paddle over a wave, be safe, have fun, and more. Enjoy!

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SUP surf instruction – how to paddle through breaking waves
by StandUpPaddlingTV

This video gives solid tips on paddling through waves.

Wake SUP Surfing

by Boardworks

You can literally surf forever on a seemingly endless wave. This discipline of SUP paddle board wake surfing has caught on although there isn't as much hype about it as other SUP surf styles. It appears to be here to stay and certainly looks like fun!

How to launch in surf


This instructional video gives you the basics for those who are very new to launching in the surf.

The basics of how to catch a wave.

By SurfTime

Just about all you need to know if you are starting out on the waves. Important safety tips for the beginner surfer and visuals showing where new wave riders go wrong. Each instructional situation described is shown visually.

Paddle surf safety

By StandUpPaddling – BIC SUP

BIC consistently produces great instructional video. The 4 rules described here are for for the beginner although review of standard safety surf rules is always a good idea. Safety rules are emphasized by "4 golden rules".

How to begin in waves - more tips and techniques.

Narrated visuals with an explanation of how to surf above the waist waves.

How Do I paddle over a wave? – Getting through surf while paddling or prone.

Basics on how to go through the surf with confidence as well as information on prone paddling.

Stand up paddle surfing – how an expert does it

By JP Australia

See some "wow" surfing moments titled "Keahi de Aboitez road trip" . See a short clip on kite surfing.

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about safe surfing

stand up paddle surfing video

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