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If you're a fan of water sports or just love the thrill of catching a big wave, then you won't want to miss this captivating and compelling sup video. Stand-up paddleboarding, or "sup" for short, has become a popular way to ride the waves and explore the open water. But it's not just about the adrenaline rush; sup can also be a calming and meditative experience, as you glide across the water's surface and take in the stunning scenery around you. This video will take you on a mesmerizing journey through some of the world's most beautiful and challenging sup spots, showcasing the skill and athleticism of the sport's top athletes. Get ready to be inspired, as you witness the power and grace of the human body in motion, all set against a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

Compelling SUP video – Whatever piques your interest, you’ll find it here, where all SUP things are possible. Virtually surf a tidal bore or take your board for a paddle in the Arctic. Find out what inventors and innovators have been up to, or maybe take apart a board layer by layer. How young or old can you be to ride the rails? We’ll keep this page fresh and fun, so come back often!

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A compilation of compelling SUP video

Austin Keen - Wakesurf - Video Of The Year - Pro Men Skim

I'm speechless...

Cape Town, South Africa downwinder

This is some of the best video of a downwinder we've watched in a while.

RC Surfer – humorous remote control SUPing. Practise makes perfect!

More compelling SUP video to follow

If you've just finished watching a compelling sup video, you may be feeling a rush of excitement and inspiration. The athletes in the video showcased incredible skill and strength as they navigated their boards across the water, and the stunning scenery only added to the sense of awe and wonder. Perhaps you're already a fan of the sport, or maybe this was your first exposure to the world of stand-up paddleboarding. Either way, you're likely feeling a sense of motivation to get out there and experience it for yourself. While you may not have the same level of experience or athleticism as the athletes in the video, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the thrill of sup and explore the beauty of the natural world. With a little practice and determination, you too can experience the rush of catching a wave and the serenity of gliding across the water's surface. So grab your board, hit the beach, and get ready to embark on your own sup adventure.

Stand up camping adventure - Raw Oregon Part 1, 2, 3 – A downwind, camping trip. stunning views and unexpected raw beauty with Will Taylor, Matt Becker, Dave Lacey, Morgan Hoesterey, Luke Martinez

A well done presentation of Robby Naish, Kai Lenny and Kevin Langeree's Alaska SUP trip.

Robby Naish in Brazil – the Pororoca tidal bore in the middle of the Amazon River.

LevelSix – Women's river stand up paddle surfing

SUP river fanatics Brittany Parker and Claire Chappell sharing their passion along with river paddler, photographer / film maker, Heather Jackson.

Alex Mauer night surfing Union Chutes Platte River in Denver Colorado. "Night surfing is a pretty cool experience. The Naqua lights add a greater element of adventure, plus it's really cool lighting up the wave. It was pretty hard to surf with those lights hooked up to the haul of the board, because they created drag that just wanted to pull me out of the wave, but I did get a few good rides in."

Okay, okay, not a paddle board...but you gotta see this...

Waterman, Chuck Patterson – MAUI, Hawaii - This phenomenal human being not only surfs, races and charge humungous waves, he could do all those things on a pair of skis – at Jaws. This is his second time since 2011. 

Beautifully done...this video combines several water sports...including paddle boarding of course.

by Chris Emerick

SUP Surfing sessions in Indonesia with Keahi de Aboitiz.

Beautifully done video of Keahi SUP surfing rollers.

Australian surfer dog, Lani, should have a gold medal for this. I guess it helps that his papa is a renowned dog trainer. See

Wake SUP surfing
Boardworks Surf takes specially designed paddle boards to ride waves created by a wake boat.

by Boardworks

Michael Tavares and The River Life
Always intriguing are the tricky SUP moves on the rivers and Mike show us well.

In 2013 the pros are still talking about stand up paddle boarding being a new and upcoming sport. There is a little bit of history here as well—an interesting strip of video. 

Raw surf footage at the south west coast of Tahiti in Teahupoo. It's dangerous, entertaining, awesome and crazy!

Be sure to watch this hilarious action adventure. This little pooch definitely has SUP fever. Notice pooch and master of pooch is surfing waves! Not an easy task for a 10oz. canine.

This 2 year old may be the next Candice Appleby

WOW...Stand up paddle boarding on the Colorado River and Roaring Fork RIvers during the HUGE runoff of 2011.

by Charlie MacArthur

See Master instructor Dan Gavere and his awesome river paddling technique in this video

Sternwheeler surf

Okay, get ready for an interesting ride. Dan Gavere rides the waves of a sternwheeler. It looks like sooo much fun.

To the ends of the earth – Ri
de the wild surf

Part 1 - 5

We bring to you some priceless SUP history. Take in this interview with Laird Hamilton and his father, Dave Kalama, Darrick Doerner, Rush Randie, Mike Waltze and Brett Lickle.

How to strap a single board to your car in 30 seconds or less

By Blue Planet

Impress your favourite person with this practical, safe, secure method to car top carry your stand up paddle board.

SUP Rider Kyron Rathbone Shreds Benak Tidal Bore in Sri Aman Malaysia. MUST SEE. There are few places in the world where a tidal board can occur. See awesome, gutsy  paddling by this Tasmanian thrill seeker.

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