River paddle boarding/surfing

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River paddle boarding and river surfing are niche activities within the broader world of paddle sports and surfing, but their popularity has been steadily growing in recent years. While coastal surfing and flatwater paddle boarding may be more widely known and practiced, river paddle boarding and surfing offer unique challenges and experiences that attract enthusiasts looking for adventure and new ways to enjoy the water. River paddle boarding involves navigating through moving water, rapids, and obstacles, requiring a combination of balance, strength, and skill. Similarly, river surfing involves riding waves and currents on a river, often in designated river surfing spots or standing waves created by features like rocks or riverbeds. Both activities appeal to individuals who seek excitement and the thrill of exploring natural waterways in a dynamic environment. While still relatively niche compared to other water sports, river paddle boarding and surfing continue to gain traction and popularity among outdoor enthusiasts seeking new and exhilarating experiences on the water.

Eddy Turns and Ferries

In this video you'll see easy to instruction for river safety and turns.

Rock hops on Hood River

SUP Rock Hops on the Hood River from Northwest Rafting Company on Vimeo.

Master instructor Dan Gavere shows you techniques for eddy turns and a flat 360

As an athlete, Dan Gavere has achieved numerous accolades and accomplishments, including multiple national and international titles in SUP racing and river surfing competitions. He is known for his exceptional skills on the water, particularly in challenging river environments where he has demonstrated remarkable agility, balance, and technical prowess.

In addition to his achievements as a competitive athlete, Dan Gavere is also a respected educator and ambassador for paddle sports. He has conducted instructional clinics, workshops, and demonstrations around the world, sharing his knowledge and passion for the sport with enthusiasts of all levels. Gavere's contributions to the paddleboarding community extend beyond his own achievements, as he continues to inspire and mentor others through his coaching and advocacy efforts.

Dan Gavere has put together an awesome series of video. They are well done, to the point and very entertaining. Dan and his video person is doing everything right to hold your attention.

River paddle boarding surf basics

By Mike T.

Excellent instruction – learn about the proper and above all safe gear, river basics, techniques and plenty of visual examples of the techniques described. 


Advanced river surfing instruction. Great tips!

By Mike T.

Get on the wave, establish the surf and what to do while your are on the wave using 3-fin set thrusters. Excellent tips and tricks with plenty of visuals to help understand the techniques described.

Advanced river surfing instruction on a paddle board is a dynamic and challenging endeavor tailored for experienced paddlers seeking to master the intricacies of navigating and riding river waves. Instructors typically focus on refining techniques such as eddy hopping, ferrying, and reading river currents to optimize positioning on the wave face. Advanced students learn to harness the power of the river to execute advanced maneuvers like carving, spinning, and aerial tricks, requiring precise board control and timing. Instruction may also cover safety protocols, including strategies for handling strong currents, avoiding obstacles, and executing self-rescue techniques. Advanced river surfing instruction emphasizes environmental awareness and responsible river stewardship, encouraging students to develop a deeper understanding of river dynamics and their impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Through hands-on coaching, video analysis, and simulated scenarios, advanced river surfing instruction on a paddle board equips paddlers with the skills and confidence to tackle challenging river features and push the boundaries of their abilities in a safe and controlled manner.

Stand up paddle boarding on British Columbia's Similkameen River – A first

By Similkameen SUP

A light hearted paddle boarding story about a group of paddlers from Vernon B.C. (Kalavida Surf Shop) having a fun day on the Similkameen river. They left a distinct impression on the locals of Keremeous B.C. Canada.

Stand up paddle surfing the Colorado River. For the extreme adventurer.

Thrill seekers shown carving the river in record high waves on the Colorado River. Superb video of tricks and traits. This video captures a group of skilled surfers showing off their grand ability to surf the whitewater. (master paddler Dan Gavere narrating)

Follow this link for more on river surfing

Riding the rapids in France.


Follow the adventure of three paddlers travelling down the rocky river Rapides Des Gorges Du Verdon.

Whitewater SUP River Surfing in Gorge-ous Hood River

By Epic TV

SUP champion Candice Appleby narrates on the 3rd Annual Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge in Oregon Washington August, 2013. Candice paddles the waves behind a sternwheeler for 7 miles. The SUP champion from Hawaii paddles the Hood River to try her hand at stand-up paddling on the whitewater of White Salmon River. Can she cut it?

river paddle boarding

more stand up paddle boarding on YouTube

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