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From Wobbly to Wow in minutes: Your ticket to stand up paddle boarding bliss awaits you.

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you conquer the waves while stand up paddle boarding! Dive into the world of paddle boarding, where every stroke propels you closer to adventure and freedom. And yes you really can learn and be confident to paddle in a day, even within a couple of hours! So cast aside the misconception that mastering this thrilling activity requires endless hours of practice. With a little guidance, you'll harness the power of balance and technique, transforming into a confidant paddle boarding geek in just one day! Picture yourself gliding effortlessly across the water, navigating with precision, and immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature—all within a single unforgettable day. Equip yourself with the right gear, embrace the challenge with an unwavering mindset, and unlock the potential to turn this dream into an electrifying reality! Soon you too will feel like you are walking on water!

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Stand Up Paddle boarding - Get up and gliding on the water quickly

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with stand up paddle boarding (SUPing)! Picture yourself effortlessly gliding across the water, feeling the thrill of walking on liquid terrain. This captivating sport isn't just for the daring; it's tailored for everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Unleash your inner adventurer as you step onto the board, ready to conquer the calm waters. Stand up paddle boarding offers an invigorating blend of excitement and relaxation, making it the ultimate outdoor pursuit for enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

Embrace the challenge with open arms, knowing that if you can navigate a narrow sidewalk or pedal a bike, you're already equipped to master the art of paddle boarding. It's more than just a sport—it's an empowering experience that invites you to explore the boundless possibilities of the open water.

Check out a demonstration or try a rental board: it’s easy to get the knack and quickly feel comfortable. Find out why SUPing, is the fastest growing water sport, has quickly spread from its Hawaiian roots to rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans everywhere, enjoyed by everyone. It’s simple, and you can do it, too.

15 Pro Tips to Make Your First Time Paddleboarding a Great Experience

A thoughtful writing from Paddleboard Insiders

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How to paddle on a SUP

Step by step stand up paddle boarding instruction from the people at iRocker SUP

Getting back up on your board after a fall.

One of the great things about stand up paddle boarding is that it's relatively easy to get back on your board after a fall in the water. In fact, many experienced paddlers will tell you that falling in the water is an inevitable part of the sport, especially if you are trying new things, and it's important to know how to get back on your board quickly and safely. With a few simple techniques and a bit of practice, you can easily get back on your board and continue enjoying your paddle boarding experience.

Certified Paddle Board Associations

"World Paddle Board Association" (WPA) U.S.

"World Paddle Board Association" (WPA) Canada

"Professional Stand Up Paddle Association"

"Stand Up Paddle Industry Association" is the trade organization of all stand up paddle businesses.


7 Myths about paddle boarding:

Myth 1
Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is only for the young and only for the fit:
While SUP can be a great workout, it's not just for the young and fit. People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy the sport. There are various ways to adapt it to your fitness level, including choosing the right equipment and location.

Myth 2
SUP is only for calm water:

SUP can be done in various water conditions. While flat water is ideal for beginners, experienced SUP enthusiasts can tackle rough waters, such as ocean waves or white water rapids.

Myth 3
SUP is too difficult to learn:

SUP can be easier to learn than other water sports like surfing, but it still requires some practice. With proper instruction and technique, most people can learn to SUP within a few hours.

Myth 4
SUP is expensive:

While high-end equipment can be costly, there are affordable options for beginners. Many places offer rentals, so you don't have to purchase your equipment right away.

Myth 5
SUP is only for recreational purposes:

While SUP is a fun recreational activity, it can also be used for other purposes, such as fitness, yoga, fishing, and even racing. SUP is a versatile sport that can be adapted to various interests.

Myth 6
SUP is dangerous:

As with any water sport, there are risks involved, but with proper instruction, equipment, and safety precautions, SUP can be a safe activity. It's essential to check weather and water conditions before heading out and wear appropriate safety gear like a personal flotation device (PFD).

Myth 7
SUP is not a full-body workout:

SUP can be a great full-body workout that engages muscles in your core, legs, arms, and back. It's an excellent way to improve your balance and build strength while enjoying the outdoors.

Experience the thrill of walking on water and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with stand-up paddleboarding - the ultimate combination of adventure and relaxation.

Expect An Ultimate Nature Based Experience

If a loon is calling to you on a tranquil lake, stand up paddle boarding takes you there. The river carries you and your paddle board past the osprey diving for its dinner; ocean waves offer a salty ride. Your board offers a new way to experience all kinds of water, and because you’re standing up, you see it all. About 10% of SUP enthusiasts ride the waves, while the majority of paddle boarders take up the sport for flat water cruising, fitness, racing, fishing, or just enjoying the natural world from a unique vantage point.

Stand up paddle boarding

– exploring possibilities

A short paddle boarding lesson from the late Bob Purdy

SUP in the Benagil Caves in Portugal

South Portugal

Expect to be enticed by this delightful introductory visual about paddle boarding possibilities.  

Disclaimer – The following video is an ad for BIC paddle boards...and very well done! 

The ride is what you make it

Stand up paddle boarding can be calm and comfortable or exhilarating and challenging. See the sights as the shoreline passes, perform yoga on a still pond, surf the waves, take your kids or grand kids or even Fido along. Cast a line and reel in your catch on a SUP that is especially designed and rigged for the experience. And SUPs are unsinkable! Any way you ride, SUPing is incredibly versatile, accessible, easy to learn, and—bonus—fabulous exercise.

Stand up paddle boarding basics from Seattle Washington

Sound interesting?...

Whether we’ve piqued your curiosity or inspired you to put this great sport at the top of your "to do" list, you are in the right place to find all you need to know about the world of SUPing.

Welcome to  

Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about paddle boarding: the ease and the challenge, the dance and the thrill. 


 you can expect to find valuable, organized and reliable information along with plenty of encouragement.

FACT: You may have noticed by now that the term SUP is loosely used. It can mean:

  • • stand up paddle boarding,
  • • stand up paddle board,
  • • stand up paddling 
  • • SUP is pronounced like pup, or you can say S.U.P. like the acronym actually is.

Scan this site to find out all you need to know about getting started, exploring and maintaining your world of stand up paddle boarding.


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Enjoying a late September afternoon on the Columbia River, Castlegar B.C. Canada.

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