SUP car rack? - The basics

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Understanding SUP car rack basics

So you've got your stand up paddle board. How are you going to get it to the body of water of your choice? Throwing it in the back of your pickup or strapping it onto your car roof with a few bungees isn't really recommended. The good news is, there’s no shortage of solutions for car SUP racks. 

It’s important to know vehicle and board specifications when you go looking for the appropriate car rack; you don't want to shell out for a new rack only to find you need an adaptor kit or expander attachment to work with your vehicle or your board. If you're planning to self-install your rack, there's nothing worse that finding out you're missing the pieces necessary to make it all work. Of course, if you let the car rack specialist install the rack, you'll eliminate those potential frustrations.

Must see video – How to strap a single board to a car rack in 30 seconds or less! An impressive showin By Blue Planet.

Know a few details before you're purchase

Here are some questions to consider when buying a SUP car rack: Is the roof of your small car long enough to support a paddle board? Is the rack bar wide enough to accommodate the width of your board? Will you need tie-downs? Will your rack haul more than one board at a time? 

Consult with an expert that specializes in selling vehicle racks. A salesperson at a department store may not have the answers you need.

Factory rack vs. after-market rack

While some auto-makers offer optional attachments to haul specific sports equipment, stand up paddle board racks as options on your new vehicle have yet to be developed—so far. Meanwhile, with a little ingenuity and some advice from the auto expert or rack specialist you may be able to modify a factory rack to carry your board.

It shouldn’t be hard to find an after-market rack to fit your vehicle. Thule and Yakima are companies that manufacture racks and carriers to carry pretty much any sports equipment on just about any car. 

The following video will get you on your way to investigate your options:

Sup car rack brands

BRAND: Thule

The Thule SUP Taxi is an accessory to be added to a car rack.

Thule SUP Taxi

BRAND: Yakima

A Yakima standard car rack along with the Thule SUP Taxi (shown above) accessory works great. OR use tiedowns as shown in this video. 

Yakima SUP racks


Inno INA446 SUP Kayak Locker is an accessory tobe used with a car rack.

INNO SUP racks

How to strap multiple boards to your car

By Blue Planet

Roof rack for cars without gutters

By NiceRackChannel

Nice Rack SUP racks

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