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About me – iSUP

We owe a lot to our roots. I grew up in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, bookended by two beaches. Sure, winter would find me at one of two nearby ski hills, or at the gym the rest of the time, but water was my first love. Somehow the waves called to my soul.

Athletics took me through childhood and adolescence, and of course inform my life now. These days, extra-curricular activities include sports, family time, and adventures—some expected, some unexpected. Living where I do, a few hours from where I grew up in the B.C. interior, I’m fortunate to be able to golf, ski, cycle, swim—and, of course, paddle board.

Paddling on the Columbia River, Castlegar, B.C. Canada. April 25, 2017
Still an unusual cold snap for this time of year.

A great day on the Columbia River, Castlegar, B.C. Canada.
Enjoying my Boardworks Raven 2.

Getting to here

In my working life I’m a digital designer for print media. So designing a website for a sport I’m passionate about was a merger made in heaven. Actually getting me to do it (rather than talk endlessly about it) is thanks to my brother Eddie, who gave me the final push, as all good brothers do. This time, it was into a new world of web design instead of off a dock.

It’s been fun to pull together a comprehensive site for something I love, building on my personal experience of getting bitten by the paddle board bug and wanting to know everything I could about stand up paddle boarding. I’ve learned a lot doing it—and now, I get to share.

Me and my Boardworks Raven gives a long smooth glide. This is my other favourite board for when I paddle distance.

Sharing the secrets with you

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about getting started in the world of stand up paddle boarding, from the first steps to exploring the places you can go with this unique sport. It truly is for all ages and all skill levels, from the very young to the mature enthusiast. 

Stand up paddle boarding is growing and changing. On this site I’ll keep sharing everything I learn—new technologies, techniques, and opportunities—and you can, too. Let me know what you discover as you embrace this sport. Together, we’ll walk on the water.

My thanks:

First, thanks for visiting this site, and for joining the growing tribe of paddle board enthusiasts.

Many thanks to my son and daughter, and my grandkids. Your seize-the-moment enthusiasm motivates my adventurous side, and for that I’m forever grateful. And thanks to my sweetheart guy who pretty much made me stop talking about stand up paddle boarding and simply go do it.

The following story about me describes my first experience paddle boarding and why iSUP:  

My first time paddle boarding

“You should try that,” my sweetheart guy told me. It was day six of a romantic holiday on beautiful Kehei Maui, and we were sitting on the deck of our fifth floor condo watching paddle boarders play in the gentle surf. As a non-swimmer, my guy was happier looking at water than being on or in it, and yet the paddle boarders intrigued him. 

They intrigued me, too—in fact, I was aching to try it, and my sweet heart guy knew how much I love the water, and water sports. But my usual internal excuses drowned out my daydreams: “I don’t think I could balance on one of those things”; "And how do you get on?" “My back hurts just thinking about it.” “What‘ll happen when I fall off!”

On the seventh day of our stay we headed downstairs on a mission to find a new beach and as we passed the SUP rental place, my guy casually suggested we ask a few questions about paddle boarding—which was when it dawned on me that all this time my vehemently non-water guy had been not just encouraging me, but also trying to talk *himself* into trying stand up paddle boarding! 

After a short chat with the SUP expert we were both booked for a lesson. We’d learn to “ride the rails”, a term that refers to the edges of the paddle board. We’d be out there with those boarders we’d been watching all week, seeing Hawaii in a whole new way.

The instant I was on the board, the passion gripped me, suddenly saying to myself “this is where I belong.” It was easy, it was exciting, and I could do this! I’ve never looked back. I love my non-water sweetheart guy, who gave me the push that got me going. 

Welcome to me

That day in Hawaii we watched a fellow freestyle paddler, surfing over mild swells on that beautiful ocean. It looked as if he was dancing on water—a memorable serotonin moment that still makes me smile. 

Happy paddling.

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