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We’ve pulled SUP tips from throughout this website into a one-stop-shop for all the hot tips and must-knows of stand up paddle boarding. Sure, you’ll want to explore the site and links, because research and anticipation is half the fun. But we also know you want to get out on the water as soon as you can!

Here we go: some highlights from the pages throughout our site:

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Demos and rentals - a must

Definitely try it before committing to purchase. If you’re buying from a retailer, ask to try three or four boards at least. The basic SUP instruction that comes with the demo will help you quickly sense if this sport is right for you. If it feels right, take the next step: rent a stand up paddle board to really get the feel of it.

Burn more calories - its true

According to SUP fitness aficionado Brody Welte, as interviewed by Terry Tomalin in the Tampa Bay Times, "The average male can burn between 800 and 1,000 calories per hour, with the average female burning about 500 to 700 calories per hour," he said. "Compare this to running on a treadmill or an elliptical machine, where an average male burns between 600 to 700 calories and the average female burns between 300 to 400 calories."

Rehabilitate through SUP fitness  

SUP fitness is proven to help with pain, stress, and a number of rehabilitation therapies. Many who suffer back, shoulder and knee pain find improved balance and strength through stand up paddle boarding, a positive approach to nagging aches and chronic pain. Of course, always consult your family doctor before participating in any sport for rehabilitation.

Instructional video - YouTube

YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sources can be a pot of gold when it comes to instructional videos for standup paddle boarding.Great SUP tips. 

SUP Safe Surfing

Safe SUP surfing, water safety, and overall sup safety are not to be taken lightly. In most countries stand up paddle boarding is subject to the same water safety regulations as any other water vessel, particularly when boats, recreational motorized watercraft, and ships share the same waters. Know the safety regulations for the waters where you will be paddling.

SUP kids

For first-timers, be sure to take your kids to flat water. Demos and rentals with instruction are ideal for getting started, or if you’re already seasoned, teach them yourself. Remember how easy it was for you to get going? Get ready to pass the thrill of discovery along, building confidence and having fun. And—bonus—the whole family can stand up paddle board. So get started! Make it a family day and show them how easy it is. Follow links for SUP tips for SUP kids.

What makes SUPing different when it comes to core fitness?

Resistance activities and sports work specific muscle groups at separate times. What makes paddle boarding different is that all the core muscles and a multitude of other major muscles are engaged at the same time: the neck the upper back, shoulders, arms, wrist, fingers and the lower body right to the ankle and toes. It takes a wide range of muscles to balance, move forward while paddling, watch where you're going, and grip the board with your feet, toes and legs at the same time. That’s full body engagement! Core fitness.

Senior fitness makes for super seniors: stand up paddle boarding for 60-plus

You don’t have to be super-human to be a super senior when it comes to paddle boarding, a terrific way to achieve senior fitness. Check out the videos. Each of these super seniors embraces stand up paddle boarding with a passion for fitness and the fun of learning something new. Try it out and spread the word! You know what happens when you tell a senior friend who tells a couple more who tell their friends… It’s not a senior moment—it’s a movement!

For SUP Racing Guidelines/Divisions

2013 - 2014 SUP Racing Rulebook published by World Paddle Association. LINK:

SUP Downwinders

These links will provide you with further insight on this sport: what you can expect, personal stories, and safety guidelines. Find out if the downwinder experience is the rush you’ve been waiting for and more SUP tips.

SUP Fishing

Manufactures have thought of everything the fisher might want or need! One company, (Dragon Fly) devised a way to quickly click your paddle into a holder on your waist once you've hooked a fish. Another maker (Hooked SUP) has built a SUP fishing board so stable that they also market it to be used for tandem riding. See SUP tips for preparing you board, boards specs and more.

River Surfing

A river can be a wild thing, and river surfing means knowing what you may encounter. From a safety standpoint, it’s important to know the lay of the river, including submerged objects such as rocks, pilings, and deadheads, as well as characteristics of the river, from gentle flow to rapids. Understanding the river you’re on is essential to SUP safety.

Paddle Expeditions

DESCRIPTION: How to pack for multi-day SUP trips with SUP tips.

LINK 4:40 min:

Paddle Surfing

The stand up paddle surf scene follows traditional ocean surfing, but with a twist. To paddle surf with a long board is more versatile! The SUP surfer has a greater field of vision; the rider can stand back a little further to assess the wave and then paddle into the wave much more quickly than the short board traditional surfer. 

SUP Board construction

Traditional board manufacturing in Taiwan has long been known for quality and for hand-crafted boards. To keep up with increasing demand, companies in China have been contracted to produce boards more quickly. These boards generally cost less, and in most cases you get what you pay for. If you come across wildly low prices it probably means corners have been cut during manufacturing. Follow link to read SUP tips on board construction.

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Inflatable SUP

Inflating to the proper air pressure is critical; in the past this was the primary challenge, but the newer generation of pumps along with improved board construction makes it easy to inflate these SUPs to be almost as firm as a hard board, and remarkably quickly—so you can get right out there on the water. Follow the link for more SUP tips for inflatables.  

SUP Fins

One fin, two fins, three fins, four might sound like a nursery rhyme, but it’s really about the style of board that’s best for you, and what you want to do with it. SUP fin boxes are standardized so try different fins to make your board move differently.   

SUP shapes

There are two categories of SUP shapes: flat water and wave. Within these categories there are subtle and not-so subtle shape variations. What you choose is about you, and what you want to do. Since all boards handle differently based on your weight and ability, the best thing to do is choose your category and then get a demo of different brands within that category. Follow the link for plently of SUP tips waiting for you to read on the full pageof SUP shapes.

SUP Reviews

Finding stand up paddle board reviews is an important step in the process of buying a paddle board. You wouldn't buy a car without doing a little research. And you wouldn't just go with what the manufacturer has to say, either—clearly, they have a vested interest in selling you a car. The same thing goes for buying a paddle board. SUP reviews

Paddle boards for sale

There are a number of sources for finding new and used paddle boards for sale. Consider Ebay, Kijiji, Craigslist, Costco, Sam’s club etc. and of course local SUP shops and classified ads. There are many sites on the Web that feature new and used paddle boards for sale. Following the link to the full page for more SUP tips.

SUP Paddles 

There is more stress on your paddle than on your stand up paddle board. As with SUP boards, there are dozens of makers producing SUP paddles, and the quality varies. A paddle that is built poorly can break and leave you literally up the creek without a paddle. Look for paddle board paddle makers with a reputation for quality. Follow the link to the full page for more SUP tips.

PFD safety

According to Wikipedia, “[As of October 3, 2008, the US Coast Guard now classifies SUPs as vessels, and as a result SUP riders are obliged to wear a personal flotation device when paddling in certain areas. ...the Canadian Coast Guard has implemented similar rules, however SUPers are only required to have a PFD with them, they don't have to wear them.]”. SUP PFD safety.

Wetsuit vs drysuit

Even though the wet suit is not designed for warmth, it can be warmer than a dry suit once underneath layers are added. An outstanding feature of the wet suit is that it moves as one with you. In choosing between the two, consider the following factors: weather conditions, how long you’ll be out, and style of ride (gentle or adventurous; touring or ripping through waves). Wetsuit vs drysuit.

Sup Car rack

Here are some questions to consider when buying a SUP car rack: Is the roof of your small car long enough to support a paddle board? Is the rack bar wide enough to accommodate the width of your board? Will you need tie-downs? Will your rack haul more than one board at a time?

Water Sport eyewear

Wearing water sport sunglasses with UV protection reduces occurrence of headaches due to eyestrain, and helps to prevent dry eyes and sunburn of the eyes. 

SUP Sun protection

Sunblock contains ingredients that physically block the sun’s rays from reaching the skin.

Sunscreen Sunscreen and sunblock, when applied to the skin, absorbs or reflects a portion of the sun's UVR. 

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends a sun protection factor (SFP) of 30 or more if you plan to spend long periods in the sun.  SUP sun protection.

SUP Festivals

paddle fest is a great place to do in-depth research on boards and gear. You might have the opportunity to talk to a board designer or manufacturer and gain better understanding of the qualities of a board or paddle.

SUP Tips – Repair

If you choose to work on a ding or dent yourself, get materials and tools ready ahead of time and work at a steady pace for best results. If there is water in the board, give it plenty of time to drain out—at least 24 hours. Be sure the area you are working is clean and dry before you apply anything permanent. SUP repair.

SUP Magazines.

SUP Magazines

Here are a few titles and links about SUP magazines to get you started.

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