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SUP racers can enter a race nearly every week in a year. There are scores of races happening around the world all year ’round, so it won’t be hard to find an event. The first two "events" links below list over 70 races worldwide, These sites are only two of many offering  schedules, results, and video.

Racing can be serious, or serious fun, attracting SUPers from novice to enthusiast to high performance athlete, kids to seniors. Racing is a fast-growing part of the flat water stand up paddle boarding discipline, which in itself is the most popular SUP style—and enthusiasm for racing is a big part of that. This is the area of greatest innovation for all performance boards, so clearly manufacturers are picking up on the buzz.

Check out the links below for events, schedules, results, rules and regulations, and video.    

From the "World Paddle Association" (WPA), – the rule book.


Dockslocks locking system

Sup racer events

DESCRIPTION: 2014 Races – description, location and date. Also shows logo brand.


DESCRIPTION: 2014 lists, news, race results, calendar, and video, plus ratings for each event. Covering the United Kingdom, Europe, North and South America. 


DESCRIPTION: For 2014 from SUP the mag site - a long list! Between "SUP Racer" and this site, the world list should be just about covered.


Check out "Paddle Guru" a WPA partner – Race management software.

Software for your device to track races. Set up your profile, browse and sign up for races, follow your favourite paddles.

DESCRIPTION: From the Tahoe Nalu Festival site.

DESCRIPTION: A U.S. race schedule

DESCRIPTION: Events in CA, FL, NC, DJ, CN, UT, MD, TN, VA, GA within the United States.
LINK: (will re-link when Yolo updates their link)

DESCRIPTION: SUPTube in an ARCHIVE for videos of racing and other events
LINK: suptube archive videos of sup racing

Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge video

CANADA SUP racing events

DESCRIPTION: SUP racing Rule Book published by (World Paddle Association)

DESCRIPTION: Based in Vancouver B.C. Primarily focused on flat water paddle boarding. This is a local calendar.

DESCRIPTION: Okanagan Region, SUP events

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