Experience a paddle fest: Fun around the world!

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Your average SUP paddle fest is all about learning, having fun, meeting other SUPers, and sharing all that infectious energy and passion in a fun, encouraging environment. And really, who doesn't love a festival?

Each event can differ in the size and what they have to offer. You might participate in a stand up paddle board board demo, talk to SUP dealers at vendor booths and get the latest scoop on new equipment, attend a paddle board exchange, take a workshop on proper paddling technique, or indulge yourself with a little SUP or SUP gear shopping. Gotta have that drysuit, or what about those shades...the kind you need especially for stand up paddle boarding? 

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Find out about all things SUP at a paddle fest

A paddle fest is a great place to do in-depth research on boards and gear. You might have the opportunity to talk to a board designer or manufacturer and gain better understanding of the qualities of a board or paddle. 

SUPers love to share knowledge and expertise: you might just get a great tip from a fellow paddler—something you didn’t even know to ask. And festivals are rife with opportunity: you may try racing for the first time—If you have been aching to try it, organizers typically offer an open fun event; a perfect time to experience what SUP racing is all about.

Some of these evens host fundraising races for a good cause, or goofy races just for fun.  

Below is a list to help you locate SUP festivals around the world. Currently, most are located in North America although the geographic range for SUP festivals is widening all the time.


(in alphabetical order)

Okanagan Region - Southern BC

SUP clinics and training in Naramata, BC, Canada

Kingston, Ontario

National Paddling Week
LINK: http://www.paddleweek.ca/default/index.cfm/paddling/

Vancouver BC

Vancouver SUP Challenge Race
LINK: http://www.supchallenge.ca

Kingston, Ontario: National Paddling Week

LINK: http://www.paddleweek.ca/default/index.cfm/events/events-calendar/

United States 

(in alphabetical order)

Colorado Springs, Denver

CKS Festival
LINK: http://ckspaddlefest.com

Honolulu, Hawaii

Surfing events
LINK: Dukes Waikiki Festival

New York

Adirondack SUP Festival at Saranac Lake
LINK: https://www.facebook.com/AdirondackSupFestival

Washington, Round the Rock at Mercer Island

LINK: http://roundtherock.com

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