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Stand up paddle boarding can be a year-round sport, but we all need to get off the water sometime. What’s a SUP-lover to do on dry land? By reading stand up paddle board publications—by subscription or from your local board shop or newsstand or digital device—you can learn about the latest technical advances, find out who’s taking home the ribbons and cash and where, read up on the latest, greatest SUP destinations, or soak up some gorgeous action photos—and dream. You may not dream for long—instead you might find yourself trying a new SUP at your current location or searching for the latest accessories and gear. 

Here are a few titles to get you started. Look them over on-line to find the best publication to serve your SUP interests. Each is unique in its own way and relevant to everything SUP.

These magazines show the most prominence in the world of stand up paddle boarding and include all SUP disciplines. If you find a SUP publication you know of and enjoy, that isn't listed here, drop us a line.

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1) Stand Up Journal Magazine

Printed or digital version

Founded in 2007, this is the first SUP publication every published! The focus of this sup mag is stand up surf. Beautiful photography and plenty of ads.

2) SUP The Mag

Printed or digital version

SUP The Mag covers everything stand up paddling. Follow SUP Magazine online for the latest stand up paddle skills tutorials, news, and board write-ups. Everything SUP, with spectacular photos and excellent writing.

3) Standup Paddle Magazine

Printed version

Tips, interesting profiles, fabulous destinations, equipment guides, well written articles and more.

4) The Paddler ezine from the United Kingdom

Digital version only - Free

5) SUP World

Printed or digital version

6) Bomb Flow

Printed or digital version
This magazine is targeted at the SUP adventurer

7) SUPING Magazine

Printed or digital version
Spanish online magazine. News, interviews, reviews, and an art section. There is an english version at the end of the issue.

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