SUP fishing offers a whole new spin on a classic passion

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SUP fishing on a paddle board is not just a sport, it's an adventure that brings you closer to nature. Glide silently across the water - Surround yourself with breathtaking views and the peaceful sound of the waves beneath you. Cast your line, and feel the excitement and anticipation of what may be lurking below. It is truly a sense of accomplishment and pride, knowing that you're in the moment. Fishing on a paddle board is an experience like no other, and it's sure to inspire and motivate you to push your boundaries and explore new horizons.

SUP fishing – Manufacturers are jumping on board to bring you the best.

Paddle boards specifically designed for SUP fishing have become increasingly popular among anglers. These boards are typically wider and more stable than regular paddle boards, which provides greater stability and comfort while fishing. They also come with several unique features and accessories that cater to the needs of anglers.

Some of the features you may find in paddle boards designed for fishing include:

  • Multiple rod holders: Paddle boards designed for fishing typically come with multiple rod holders, which allow anglers to keep their rods securely in place while paddling or waiting for a bite.
  • Bungee storage system: Many paddle boards designed for fishing come with a bungee storage system that allows anglers to securely store their fishing gear and other essentials on the board.
  • Traction pads: Traction pads on paddle boards designed for fishing are typically larger and more textured, which provides better grip and stability while fishing.
  • Cooler mounts: Many paddle boards designed for fishing come with cooler mounts, which allow anglers to keep their catch or drinks cold while on the water.
  • Fish finder compatibility: Some paddle boards designed for fishing come with pre-installed transducer mounts that are compatible with fish finders, making it easier to locate fish and improve your catch rate.

Overall, paddle boards designed for SUP fishing offer a unique and enjoyable fishing experience for anglers of all skill levels.

The manufacturers below include a list of specifications to begin to find the right board for your SUP fishing needs. Is your reel finger twitching? See videos at the bottom.

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Boards designed for fishing

2017 Rover by Bote 14'



  • • carries 500 lbs.
  • • modular racs: moto rac, grab rac, tackle rac, bucket rac
  • • a microskiff and a paddle board
  • • paddle to power in seconds 
  • • two rod holders and two 1 gallon Rotopax mounts
  • • Connexsup plugs
  • • sunken cockpit
  • • deep=V nose

2017 Hobie Compass  12'

SOURCE: hobie compass fishing kayak


  • • carries 400 lbs. or 181 kg 
  • • hull construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene
  • • MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology
  • • oversized cockpit 
  • • flat deck for standing
  • • sharp turning radius
  • • molded-in rod holders
  • • H-Track accessory mounts

BOTE Zeppelin  12" 4"



  • • carries 450 lbs. 
  • • travel bag
  • • two chamber construction
  • • front and rear bungee straps 
  • • comes with fiberglass paddle
  • • two chamber construction
  • • largest BOTE to date
  • • military grads PVC construction.
  • • paddle holder
  • • multiple configurations

Pau Hana Big EZ 12" by 36" by 5"



  • * teak veneer
  • • 260 litres of volume
  • • up to 470 lbs.
  • • unique accessories and attachments
  • • also attach and "Wavejet" electric motor for cruising and trolling.

Diablo Adios 12.5" by 36" (part SUP/part kayak)



  • • tri-hull design
  • • weighs 69 lbs
  • • cockpit 54 inch long  x 24 inch wide
  • • web storage
  • • traction cockpit
  • • wide 36 inch body
  • • made of thermoformed ABS

Bote - Flagship 12' long by 5" thick - (other boards)


  • • Crossover from fishing to standard sup
  • • Deck pad
  • • Cooler/dual seat
  • • Fishing post with 2 rod holders
  • • Accessory holder
  • • 10" fin

LINK 2:17 min:
LINK 1:23 min:

h2o fishing SUP - 12' by 35" by 7"



  • • 2 adjustable rod holders
  • • D-rings to attach cooler
  • • Bungee tie down
  • • 14 leash plugs

LINK 38 min:

NRS Reel Fishing Inflatable 11'4 by 34" by 4". 40 lbs.



  • • Inflates to 15 lbs
  • • 20 D-rings
  • • Scottie mounts - rod holder mounts
  • • Fish finder mount

Badfish inflatable fishing SUP - 11' by 40"


  • • Scottie mounts
  • • Anchor mount
  • • Lower standing area
  • • D-rings
  • • Tarp style bag lies flat for easy packing


LINK 2:40 min:

Airborn 360 boat and SUP Inflatable - 12.5’ 


  • • Stable enough for 2 people
  • • Floor can be removed to become a SUP
  • • max weight 670 lbs
  • • 3 carry handles
  • • 3 fins

Aguera - 11' 8" x 36" x 5'.2" thick


  • • 285 liter volume - floats 300lb
  • • ability to tandem ride
  • • sandwich construction
  • • 39 lbs.

SUP fishing Jackson SUPerFishal fishing paddle board

Get a box of hand-picked baits delivered to your door each month tuned to your specific fishing needs...a unique concept.

How To Set Up a SUP for Fishing

This is a great home video showing easy set up for fishing off of a traditional SUP. 

Convert an Airborn fishing boat into a stand up paddle board.

interesting stuff

DESCRIPTION: How to set up a SUP for fishing

SUP Fishing articles / Forums / Video

DESCRIPTION: Stand up river fishing – Forum
SOURCE: By Standupzone
LINK: https//;topic=9398.0

Stand up paddle board red fishing with East Coast Paddle

Tournament / Derby

Paddle Surf late summer ladder SUP Fishing Derby

Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada
PHONE: 1.(250) 266-1997


  • Fish ruler at Tofino Paddle Surf and on the boards if you are releasing! Take a photo and post to Tofino Paddle Surf Facebook page
  • Biggest fish wins and winner takes all the cash!!
  • Valid fishing license is mandatory.
  • SUP fishing derby tickets available at Tofino Paddle Surf.


Annual TJM Charity Kayak/SUP fishing tournament for alzheimer's

Wrightsville Beach, NC. U.S.
1 (910) 685-1983

  • Saturday, July 26, 2014
    Fishing 6 am – 4 pm
  • Awards and weigh in party starts at 2 pm! (Location TBD)


Elite Series James Niggemeyer talks about lessons learned on fishing tour.

Pro Angler Emcee Dave Mercer, Host of "Facts of Fishing The Show" trys SUP fishing for the first time.

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