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Paddle board fishing (or SUP fishing) has definitely seen a surge in popularity in recent years, but whether it's still considered "fast-growing" depends on your definition and the timeframe you're looking at.

Well known SUP fishing paddle board manufacturers::

A starter list of board manufacturers each with its own loyal following. Here are some of the top manufacturers who produce high-quality fishing paddle boards:

  1. BOTE: BOTE is a well-known brand in the paddle board industry, offering a range of fishing-specific paddle boards known for their durability, stability, and innovative features like the "BOTE Tackle Rac" attachment system.
  2. Hobie: Hobie is renowned for its fishing kayaks, but they also produce fishing paddle boards, such as the Hobie Mirage Eclipse series, which features pedal-powered propulsion for hands-free fishing.
  3. Red Paddle Co: Red Paddle Co is a leading manufacturer of inflatable paddle boards, including models designed specifically for fishing. Their boards are known for their high-quality construction and versatility.
  4. Sea Eagle: Sea Eagle produces a variety of inflatable watercraft, including fishing paddle boards. Their boards are praised for their portability and ruggedness, making them suitable for anglers who enjoy exploring remote fishing spots.
  5. Pelican: Pelican is known for producing affordable and durable paddle boards, including models designed for fishing. Their boards often feature built-in accessory mounts and ample storage space for fishing gear.
  6. Tower: Tower offers a range of inflatable paddle boards, including the Tower Xplorer Fishing iSUP, which is designed specifically for anglers. Their boards are known for their stability and durability.
  7. NRS: NRS is a trusted name in the outdoor industry, known primarily for its whitewater and touring kayaks. They also produce fishing paddle boards, such as the NRS Heron, which is designed for stability and performance on the water.
  8. Old Town: Old Town is a well-established brand in the fishing industry, known for its fishing kayaks. They also produce fishing paddle boards, such as the Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132, which features pedal propulsion for hands-free fishing.

These are just a few of the top manufacturers known for producing fishing paddle boards. It's essential to research and test different boards to find the one that best suits your fishing style, preferences, and budget. Additionally, new manufacturers may have emerged, and existing ones may have introduced new models since my last update, so be sure to explore the latest offerings in the market.

SUP fishing paddle boards

Current Status:

  • While SUP fishing has definitely seen a surge in popularity in recent years, it's difficult to definitively say whether it's still experiencing exponential growth in 2024. Here's what we know:
  • Evidence for continued growth:Industry reports: Some reports suggest the paddle board market itself is still growing at a healthy 7-10% annually, with fishing being a significant driver.
  • Anecdotal evidence: Many fishing gear companies and guides report continued strong interest in paddleboard fishing.
  • Established niche: SUP fishing is no longer a novelty, but rather a well-established niche within the fishing and paddleboarding communities.
  • Continued interest: There's still significant interest in SUP fishing, with dedicated communities, events, and product development.
  • Maturing market: The market might be reaching a point of saturation, with growth potentially plateauing or stabilizing.

SUP fishing – Manufacturers are jumping on board to bring you the best.

Board Design:

  • Starboard's New Roll Technology: This innovation allows inflatable SUPs to be packed 30% smaller, making them significantly more portable for travel and storage. This could be a game-changer for kayak-alternative fishing trips.
  • Focus on stability and tracking: Many brands are refining their board shapes and materials to provide increased stability and improved tracking, crucial aspects for casting, fighting fish, and navigating choppy waters.
  • Motorized SUPs: While still a niche market, motorized SUPs are gaining traction, offering hands-free fishing and covering larger distances efficiently.

Fishing Accessories:

  • Integrated rod holders and coolers: More boards are incorporating built-in rod holders and cooler compartments, eliminating the need for additional gear that can clutter the deck.
  • Advanced fishfinders and GPS systems: SUP-specific fishfinders and GPS systems are becoming more compact and affordable, offering valuable tools for finding productive fishing spots.
  • Sustainable materials: Some brands are using eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics and bamboo in their boards and accessories, appealing to environmentally conscious anglers.

SUP Angler Universal Removable Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Fishing Rod & Phone Holder

Events and initiatives:

  • Growth of SUP fishing tournaments and competitions: These events showcase the sport's popularity and encourage innovation in equipment and techniques.
  • Educational programs and resources: More guides and organizations are offering SUP fishing clinics and workshops, making the sport more accessible to newcomers.

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Boards designed for fishing

SUP fishing Jackson SUPerFishal fishing paddle board

How To Set Up a SUP for Fishing

This is a great home video showing easy set up for fishing off of a traditional SUP. 

Convert an Airborn fishing boat into a stand up paddle board.

interesting stuff

DESCRIPTION: How to set up a SUP for fishing

Stand up paddle board red fishing with East Coast Paddle

Tournament / Derby

Paddle Surf late summer ladder SUP Fishing Derby

Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada
PHONE: 1.(250) 266-1997


  • Fish ruler at Tofino Paddle Surf and on the boards if you are releasing! Take a photo and post to Tofino Paddle Surf Facebook page
  • Biggest fish wins and winner takes all the cash!!
  • Valid fishing license is mandatory.
  • SUP fishing derby tickets available at Tofino Paddle Surf.


Hook Line and Paddle

Elite Series James Niggemeyer talks about lessons learned on fishing tour.

Pro Angler Emcee Dave Mercer, Host of "Facts of Fishing The Show" trys SUP fishing for the first time.

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