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The stand up paddle surf scene (long board) follows traditional ocean surfing, but with a twist. To ride the waves with a long board is more versatile! Because of the ability to stand on the long board the SUP surfer has a greater field of vision; the rider can stand back a little further to assess the wave and then paddle into the wave much more quickly than the short board traditional rider. 

Not only is a long board ideal to maneuver in the waves, you can also steer away from the waves in a more leisurely way if cruising to your desired destination is what you want, something you can’t do with a traditional surfboard.  As well, these boards let you surf in places where a traditional board can’t.

If you’re trying to stand up paddle surf for the first time, start with a larger board and smaller waves to gain confidence and allow you to learn more quickly. Like any other sport, once you feel comfortable at a particular level you can challenge yourself with the next, gaining skill and fitness as you go. 

Long boards are more buoyant than traditional surfboards: add the paddle, and you now have more stability, too. The paddle allows the rider to catch more waves and easily maneuver within the wave. This style of board can be anywhere from 8 feet to 13 feet long. When choosing your board, a general rule is: the bigger the waves, the shorter the board, although there are certainly exceptions depending on the rider's experience and ability.

The paddle is a personal choice. A lightweight (most likely carbon fibre) paddle is recommended. The suggested length for SUP surfing is approximately 7 inches above the rider's height as opposed to 10 - 12 inches above the rider's height for flat water cruising. Paddles for this descipline are designed to handle those wave-maneuvering strokes and reduce stress from falls.

To view ocean surfing video follow this link – ocean surfing.

Beautiful sunrise paddle surf

Beautiful sunrise surf.

Beautiful sunrise surf. from DavidJohn on Vimeo.

Enjoy more easy, fun, small wave surf in the following video. Ooooh would I love to be there right now.

Even more small waves. from DavidJohn on Vimeo.


The following link explains proper etiquette for all surfers in general, and points out unacceptable habits.

LINK: surf etiquette

Lucky Bum's family paddle board

Laird Hamilton doing SUP tricks at Hanalei bay in Kauai.

2 Year old Given Goodwin with mom champion surfer Daize Shayne Goodwin.


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