SUP basics video instruction
– a great way to jump-start your SUP experience

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Demystify this great sport! SUP Basics video offers an inside look at how to get started: get on, balance, manoeuver, and paddle. Once you learn these basics skills, try pivot turns, or shift your stance to challenge yourself and discover your SUP’s capabilities. Try a surf stance to catch a few small waves.

Nothing compares to actually paddling as the best way to learn, but instructional video is a great companion, both before you go out and to pick up pointers to apply as you go.

For the beginner the video marked with a "" is a "must see". It packs in all the basics to get you on your way to understanding stand up paddle boarding in only 8.5 minutes. 

An informative consumer review of the "Tower Adventurer".

Gearing up for stand up paddling

by PaddlingTV

Very basic information for the newcomer. This is excellent information explaining all you need to know to take the first step. For those who are very new to the sport this is a must see.

Instructional video for putting on the brakes. Both easy and advanced techniques.

How to choose the right SUP.

By PaddlingTV.

Choosing the right paddle

by PaddlingTV

What to do when you fall off

by PaddlingTV

How to carry a SUP

by PaddlingTV

Forward and back sweep strokes.

by PaddlingTV

This is an excellent narration with visuals for an efficient, powerful forward stroke.

by PaddlingTV

Stand up paddling – putting on the breaks!

by PaddlingTV

The draw stroke

by StandUpPaddlingTV

Excellent instruction showing several techniques execute this important paddle stroke

How to Paddle straight

by PaddlingTV

Moving around your board

by PaddlingTV

By request the embedding of this video is not allowed but I can post the we have an excellent video on how to move around on your board.

Pivot turns

by PaddlingTV


by PaddlingTV

How to "Kick turn" around a buoy
by Beau O'Brian

How to make a cross bow turn with Nikki Gregg

This technique will come in handy when you need to make a quick turn.

"How to SUP basics video" for the "very first time" beginner

This video is for those who have never been paddling. It is gives the most basic information about the board, paddle, and how to get on the board an begin to paddle.

How to Stand Up Paddle Board Video Guide from windward boardshop on Vimeo.

How to carry a SUP

By Stand Up Paddling TV

What could I possibly need to know here you say. Well, this informative video gives some very good tips you many not have thought of.

How to stand up on a paddle board. And basics on the board, paddle, carrier, balance, paddling and turning.

By MotionBoardShop.

A very informative video that packs in most of the basics for those who are in the earlier stages of learning.

Getting started. By Werner Paddles

Top 9 list for getting to fall, how to get on your board after falling, getting on the board to save your fins, maximize your fitness, keep footwear loose, use a loose grip on the paddle, start on calm water and know the pfd regulations.

SUP-Getting Started from Werner Paddles on Vimeo.

What to do when you fall of your board. By StandUpPaddlingTV.

Instruction for how to safely fall off your board. There are many good tips here.

How to paddle over a wave.

How catch a wave. By Naish.

The basics on how to ride a wave.

How to launch and land your SUP. With Mike T.

See more video on surfing waves

SUP basics video

stand up paddle boarding on youtube

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