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Paddle board fishing is a fast-growing SUP discipline. It’s no surprise: combining a classic way to enjoy the outdoors and the portability, manoeuverability, and sheer fun of SUPs just makes sense. A conventional SUP can easily be converted into a fishing SUP for the casual caster, or for the avid fisher there are boards specifically designed and rigged for the optimum fishing experience. Learn more through these video links.

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Hobie Compass at Nautical Ventures

This video was published August 15, 2017 by "Nautical Ventures"

MirageDrive pedal system with Glide Technology moves you through the water. Outfitted with a breathable mesh seat, the Compass offers maximum stability and an oversized cockpit. A sharp turning radius makes it nimble in tight quarters, yet able to speed over open water in a stealthy fashion.

The "Board Fisher"

Published by By SilverCreekPaddle.

This "Board Fisher" (container) attachment accommodates both trolling and fly fishing rods. The frame comes apart and the rest folds down for all pieces to fit nicely into a compact bag for storage. If your board is not riged with "D" rings the Board Fisher comes with self stick anchors. See how to convert your conventional SUP into a fishing vessel.  Find out how to install this multi purpose basket with pockets, rod holders and all the features it has to offer.


Published by TheCreekCompany.

Inflatable rigid board performance. Specifications 11 ft 5 in long x 35 inch wide and 6 inch deep for super stability. Comes with cooler, Scotty mount pads, high pressure pump, pressure gauge and back pack. Or remove the cooler and use as a conventional paddle board.

"Badfisher Inflatable" 

Published by Badfish and Boardworks.

The "Badfisher" is set up to with all you need to to fish comfortably. 11 ft long and 40 inch wide for super stability. A good description is provided with all the specifications and possibilities this board has to offer. At the end of the video see how the board works in action. The Badfisher package features a tarp styles flat bag that proves to eliminate any difficulty in packing up a deflated board.

These videos show just a handful of boards specifically manufactured for SUP fishing. To read more on this topice and find out about more of the highly regared brand names use the following link: more information on SUP fishing

SUP Fishing

DESCRIPTION: How To Land A Fish From a SUP
SOURCE: From Essence Articles

above photo shows the Badfisher inflatable

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