Custom wood stand up paddle boards – beauty and performance

Custom wood stand up paddle boards —You could call it old school—in a new way. Humans have long embraced wood for its buoyant and hardy characteristics, so it stands to reason that SUP manufacturers and do-it-yourselfers would look to this traditional material to create beautiful—and beautifully functional—boards.

These boards do not have foam cores or veneer; they’re solid wood with a hollow core. Depending on the manufacturer, these boards will vary in rib and spine structure on the inside, the core structure that gives these boards stability, support, and strength. 

Custom wood stand up paddle boards are more ding resistant than other boards thanks to the thickness of the wood as compared to thin veneer covering a foam core board. The species of wood used will also provide some measure of resistance as to overall wear and tear. And bonus: these boards can be just as lightweight as their foam core cousins.

According to Paul Jensen, a long time surfer and now maker and instructor in building custom wood stand up paddle boards, these boards are unique for several reasons: 

  • • Handling: they have a distinctive flexibility compared to foam core hard boards. 
  • • Feel: they simply feel more alive, particularly in the surf.  
  • • Appearance: a custom wood stand up paddle board can be strikingly beautiful.
Solarez UV Cure SUP Pro Travel Kit - Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit

The process of building a paddle board in 4 minutes 19 seconds

Stand Up Paddle Board Construction from simon winograd on Vimeo.

Why build a custom wood stand up paddle board?

Before automation and assembly lines, there were builders in wood. There is satisfaction in crafting something using traditional materials, especially when you embrace the challenge to build something you will use and love. By building it yourself, you can customize your ride for a uniquely personal experience from start to finish—on the water!  

Carve Industries Nosh from Carve on Vimeo.

Pre-made and custom made:

You can have a board built to your specifications with companies such as Barefoot Boards, you can purchase a predesigned board, you can do-it-yourself with a pre-cut kit, or take a course with an expert to build your board. See links, below.

Note: to match a paddle to your custom wood stand up paddle board, follow this link. 

From North Vancouver,  British Columbia, a hand crafted stand up paddle board by Kelvin Humenny.



Build in one week

  • • Kaholo 14
  • • 14 ft length
  • • 4-5/8 in thickness
  • • 29-1/2 in width at the rail
  • • 27-1/2 in width at the waterline
  • • 32 lb

Kaholo 12 ft 6 in

  • • 12 ft 6 in length
  • • 4-1/2 in thickness
  • • 29-3/4 in width at the rail
  • • 28 in width at the waterline
  • • 29 lb
  • •  marine plywood
  • •  kits include premium nonskid deck pads, breather tubes, custom laminated skegs, and manual.

Building a Kaholo Board – accelerated time frames

“Building my SUP"

DESCRIPTION: Olympia, Washinton, U.S. - sign up for a beginner class on how to build your own wood stand up paddle board with a supplied farm kit.



BAREFOOT BOARDS (Oregon, Washington, U.S.)

  • • reuse a high percentage of salvaged wood
  • • hollow construction - no foam core
  • • solid wood - no veneer
  • • lightweight and strong

CUSTOM GRAIN (Waterford, MI, U.S.)

  • • 14 ft displacement hull
  • • plywood
  • • 1 layer 4 oz. fiberglass
  • • $1100.00 - $1500.00


Most of these boards are for surf although SUPs are included:
Flat water

  • • varying sizes
  • • varying materials
  • • kits and building supplies



Wood Fins

  • • epoxy laminated wood fins


SHAW 7 TENNEY (Orono, Maine, U.S.)


  • • 72 - 84 in
  • • custom handcrafted orders
  • • select from 4 species of wood (cherry, walnut, sassafras, spruce)

The following link shows images of wood stand up paddle boards; custom wood paddle and board images

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Hand crafted "Barefoot" board.

Hand crafted "Barefoot" board.