Water sport eyewear for SUPers: The "eyes" have it!

Water sport eyewear is important! Just as you need to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, your eyes need protection, too. This is especially true on the water, where UV rays are intensified by reflection. According to freevisioninfo.com, excessive sun exposure can encourage cataract and cornea damage among other serious issues. Eyewear that provides 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection from the sun is a safe solution. The website www.skincancer.org explains UV protection in detail.

Wearing sunglasses for water sports with UV protection reduces occurrence of headaches due to eyestrain, and helps to prevent dry eyes and sunburn of the eyes. We typically don't put sunscreens and sunblocks on our eyelids, but this is another exposed area that has the potential to develop cancer over time; as with wearing UV-protective clothing, sunscreen, or sunblock, wearing good sunglasses protects not just your eyes, but the skin around them.

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Are any sunglasses better than none at all?

Actually, no. A dark lens without UV protection dilates the pupil, exposing the eye to more UV radiation which can actually cause more damage than not wearing any protection at all. A condition called "surfer eye" may develop from prolonged and excessive exposure of the eye to UV radiation. 

Luckily, there are many choices

Water sport eyewear exists for a wide range of needs. Some look and act like standard, UV-protective sunglasses, while others offer features such as head bands and leashes to prevent loss, and wraparound or above-the-eye shapes designed to protect more fully. For contact lens wearers, water sport sunglasses with shallow profile suction can protect your eyes and your lenses; these are similar to swimming goggles but fit closer to the face and look more like sunglasses. Some brands offer interchangeable lenses in different colours for specific conditions, and even prescription lenses. For more, go to:

Gill floating Sunglasses for water sports

Lightweight, polarized, Polymer glasses. See demo in the following video for more details.

More Information – click on the following link:

Gill Classic Floating Sunglasses

Kurtis water sport eyewear

"No fried eyes" UVA, UVB, flexible, floating glasses. Watch the video for in-depth details.

Surfing glasses by SilverFish. Perscription, vented and non-vented

Prescription, vented and nonpvented glasses for surfing. See the following video for details.

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