SUP reviews from reliable sources: Let your keyboard do the walking!

Finding SUP reviews is an important step in the process of buying a paddle board. You wouldn't buy a car without doing a little research. And you wouldn't just go with what the manufacturer has to say, either—clearly, they have a vested interest in selling you a car. The same thing goes for buying a paddle board. Reviews by enthusiasts and especially professionals—people who know boards and have taken a few out for a walk on the waves—offer an insider assessment of the boards out there. So let your keyboard do the walking, and read up before you hit the shops!

Here is your one-stop-shop for stand up paddle board reviews, product comparisons, and insights into the boards out there in the marketplace: construction, shape, performance, and other considerations so you can weigh the options based on value, suitability for your skill level, and whether you'll be flat-water cruising or riding waves and currents. 

These stand up paddle board review links are listed because the sites that are well organized, easy to navigate, or just plain interesting—and we’ll keep the list current. So dive in—read up, narrow the field, get some demos, and find the board that's right for you.

Be sure to view the video below for  board reviews. See both hard board and inflatable video reviews below.

Dockslocks locking system

SOURCE: PaddleBoardReviews
PRO: Easy to move through website, various categories of SUPs, add your own review

SOURCE: From Stand Up Paddleboard Reviews Headquarters
PRO: excellent way to see shapes and understand what each board has to offer. Good full reviews and the ability to compare prices.

SOURCE: From: Find The Best boards
PRO: Plenty of details / specifications including name of shaper, intended use and ability level
CON: Needs more actual reviews

SOURCE: Paddleboard Reviews
PRO: personal SUP reviews
CON: reviews mixed with interesting articles

BOARD: Samoa inflatable
SOURCE: Costco: Samoa Inflatable
PRO: Personal reviews

PRO: Good reviews by board owners. The whole site it good.

SOURCE: Paddleboard Canada
PRO - You get reviews by board owners - interesting write-up

SOURCE: Seabreeze
PRO: You get reviews by board owners
CON: It takes a little bit of searching

From Supboarder Magazine
SOURCE: Reviews for everything SUP
PRO: plenty of interesting stuff to read
CON: might get stuck here for awhile

BOARD: inflatable or hard
SOURCE: From SUP Boarder Mag
PRO: This is an insightful article on hard board versus inflatable board

SUP video for 2018

2018 Hard Boards

2018 Starboard All Star

2018 Starboard All Sprint

2018 Naish Maliko Carbon, Race, All-Water

2018 Naish Glide GTW

2018 BOTE Traveller

2018 Inflatable Boards

2017 Hard Boards

2017 Naish Javelin SUP Race Board

2017 Naish Maliko SUP Board

2017 Naish Quest 9’6” All-around Wave SUP Board

2017 Naish Quest 12’0” Touring SUP Board

2017 Naish Glide GTW/GS SUP

2017 Starboard All Star

New SUP touring board, 2017 Pau Hana

2017 JP Race Allwater

JP SUP - Action 2017

Stonker SUP Stubby/Wahine Series 2017 SUP boards

2017 Inflatable Boards

Fanatic Air Premium SUP Review 2017

2017 Red Paddle Co - Explorer

2017 Red Paddle Co Forward Flex Control Race inflatable

2017 Red Paddle Co 14' Race inflatable

2017 Red Paddle Co 11'3" Sport inflatable

2017 Red Paddle Co - Windsurfing rigs

Larry Froley of Grey Whale Paddle reviews (video above) the Sea Eagle needlenose inflatable (click below for find out more details).

Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

 The Paiwen board ... made for women
This is board is unique board ... it offers quality, beauty, and reasonable pricing in one complete package. see full review

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