Choose a water proof camera for your SUP adventures - considerations and reviews

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Here's the question...Which water proof camera will suit your needs best for all your SUPing adventures? There are many to choose from (11 listed here). This page is offered to point out basic considerations before making your purchase rather than focusing on the technical specifications of each camera. Although, you can find here links and video to help you gather camera specifications.

You may already know there is a trade off when buying an underwater camera—that is, you won't get the same photo quality you can expect from an SLR but you will get durability and opportunities to use the waterproof camera in situations that you wouldn't normally dare to take a conventional camera. Beaching, boating, humid environments and rainy locations are all worry free with a waterproof camera.

Ask others how they like their camera attributes and features. Find trusted reviews (some here) to get you started on your hunt for the right SUPing camera. The more owner reviews you can acquire for various cameras the more confident your puchase will likely be.

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Some points to consider:

  • How far down under are you able to submerge the camera?
  • Look for shock resistance and freezing temperature resistance
  • Look for dust and dirt resistance
  • Consider 10 to 12 mega pixels to be able to print large photos
  • Consider higher optical zoom for quality photos.
  • How many photos can be taken on a single charge? 
  • What situations will you use a water proof camera the most?
  • Will it always be mounted on your board?
  • What conditions will you be shooting in most often?
  • Does camer size matter?
  • How easy it is to maneuver through the camera menu 
    (ease of use)?
  • Are there sturdy mounts made specific for the camera of choice?
  • How much of a beating will your camera need to take?
  • Are the features appropriate for how you need to use it?

Let's take a look at some water proof camera brands here.

Disclaimer: the writing here is not meant to persuade the reader but rather to spark considerations and encourage questions before making the purchase of a water proof camera.

GroPro waterproof camera

The GoPro is widely used among adventuresome paddle boarders and many of us can see why—there are hundreds of GoPro videos on YouTube and Vimeo—some really great, some not so great. The point to be made is that along with any camera comes practise to realize it potential. 

Most of us would agree the following is a powerful video. In fact the visuals are extra-ordinary. The entire video is shot 100% with the new HERO3+® camera from It is important to note that this video was created by a team of photographers shooting from mutiple angles with excellent editing skills and techniques...just saying.

GoPro Camera

The following link will take you to to the page showing all waterproof cameras they offer to date. See link below.

Waterproof cameras

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