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– Smart ways to get your board from vehicle to water.

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It didn't take long for creative minds to invent SUP carry accessories to transport  stand up paddle boards distance. If you have to get your board from a parking lot, down a grassy knoll and over yards of sand you'll be happy know you have multiple options to aid in the process.

Since 2015 we've noticed a surge in better carry handles on boards making it much easier to move them from place to place. Gone are the days when there was just an indent in the centre. But if you find yourself loving a board without a luxury handle, there are plenty of carry aides to choose from.

Get ready to view SUP straps, slings and wheels below.

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Carry Accessories

Sup carry accessories in one place


Surfstow SUP Grip

  • Easy to install and to remove
  • Super Suck!
  • No tools necessary
  • Can be mounted in any direction
  • Easily transportable
  • Must be mounted on a clean, smooth, flat, nonporous surface
  • Using this handle on a windy day provides a much more secure hold.
  • This is my BIG RAVE item for this spring 2014. This simple device has suddenly relieved me from the (sometimes) difficulties I get into packing my board on and off my vehicle by my self. I can now place this handle on the fin side of the board for easy pick-up off the ground and onto my truck. Once you find the perfect position on your board the whole process is much less effort simply because you can place the handle precisely where you need it. This is little device is an absolute gem! I'm buying another. See full review; SUP gear reviews.


This handle is a mainstay in my deck bag. If poor conditions force me off the water, I can walk back carrying my board with ease. Its SUPER SUCK feature has never failed (apply on a dry surface).

Find out more at the following link:

Surfstow SUP grip

full review go to: SUP gear reviews

Straps and Slings

This accessory has a range from narrow strap with padded shoulder to wide board slings. Both are over the shoulder style with buckles for adjusting to your comfort level. Most of the weight is supported by ones shoulder. (match number to descriptor to see visual). Listed below is a sample of the styles available.

LiftSUP handle – see installation at SUP repair

  • locks into place when you are paddling
  • quick release for carrying 

SUP strap carry system

  • 2 heavy quick-release loops
    can also be used to store with wall mount
  • padded shoulder strap

surf SUP strap


Northcore shoulder carry sling 

  • extra strong adjustable webbing
  • padded anti-slip shoulder strap
  • loop/buckle system to create two loops to hold board

Northcore shoulder carry sling

Big Board Schlepper SUP carry straps

  • no fiddly buckles or straps
  • velcro closure
  • 3 grab handles
  • padded shoulder strap
  • padded zones for carry protection
  • standard fits up to 32 inch and large fit up to 33 inch
  • mesh drainage
  • polycanvas

Sling SUP carrier

  • easy clip on
  • loops for paddle
  • use to store on a wall
  • comfortable shoulder strap

Surftech SUP carry sling

  • side pocket for storage
  • adjustable straps
  • exterior velcro straps to secure paddle

Rail Grabber – For SURF BOARDS (this tool is too narrow for SUPs)

Easy way to carry your SUP long board without using a strap over your shoulder.

Wheels – SUP carry accessories

SUP wheels

This set of wheels can transport 2 SUPs at a time up to a maximum of 70 lbs. After transport fold down and take with you or leave behind and lock up with a standard bike lock. Walk holding the free end of the board to travel over sand and uneven terrain. Or add a bicycle accessory to the bike seat securing the free end of the board and your off.

SUP Wheels

The Wheelie

These wheels snap into the fin box and can be strapped to your board if you don't want to leave them behind.

The Wheelie

Sticky Wheels

Supports up to 60lbs and can carry two boards at a maximum wideth so 31 inches. SUP board attaches to wheels with a 4 1/2 inch centre suction disc.

Sticky Wheels


The SurfStow has a collapsible frame and utilizes grip handle suction cups for carrying the free end of the board. The wheels are 10" inflatable for smooth transport and includes 36 inch bungee and carry bag.


Mule Transport Systems

A fabric nose piece for carrying or attaching to your bicycle. Wheel unit breaks down using quick release pins. Travel bag included.

Mule Transport Systems

Quiver Kaddy

Quicer Kaddy holds up to 3 boards and clips to you bicycle. It can be pulled over sand.

Quiver Kaddy

Interesting forum from StandUpZone all about building your own SUP carrier and other ideas for transporting.


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