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A story by Becky Ashcraft
Life Changing: overcoming grief and Falling in love with SUP

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sup rehab: rebuild strength and snuff the pain of injury

SUP rehab uses gentle, core strength training to help alleviate pain and stress after injury though proven stand up paddle boarding rehabilitation techniques. Many who suffer back, shoulder and knee pain find improved balance and strength and subsequent pain relief through SUP’s rehabilitative qualities.

Of course, always consult your family doctor before participating in any sport for rehabilitation. Once you have the green light, head to the nearest SUP shop for a demo or rental with instruction and find out why this gentle activity is ideal for anyone dealing with the pain and stress of a physical injury. Because SUP is about strength and balance, it’s a great way to reintroduce both into your life safely and enjoyably. 

Physical therapy benefits of paddle boarding

An overview of why you might consider taking up the sport to regain strength and endurance after injury

The following link is a great story of one person's personal rehabilitation through stand up paddle boarding.

Part 1 The cure for what ails you

Part 2 The cure for what ails you

Paddling boarding with your pooch? Check out "Ruffwear" specializing in all you may need or want for your best friend.

More on SUPing with your dog here.

Whole-body therapy 

Stand up paddle boarding has a therapeutic effect for the physical body, but Sup rehab can be applied to our psychological health. Read here about how SUP helps veterans with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Must read rehab blogs. People sharing their journey as they discover stand up paddle boarding to recover from various issues and injury.

Shoulder rehab – Felipe SUPs to recovery. 

SUP NTX – North Texas

According to SUP NTX "By using your body's natural balance as a stabilizer, stand up paddling only requires as much exertion as are able to put forth. And the water is a very forgiving surface, so you don't run the risk of re-injury like you possibly would by rehabbing on solid ground."

They WILL surf again
by MossRehab –

Inpatient and outpatient cognitive rehabilitation in the Philiadelphia region. There moto?..."Challenge accepted"

MossRehab - They Will Surf Again 2013 from EinsteinHealth on Vimeo.

Recovery to race again

This video is not about using paddle boarding as a way to is about is how Starboard Team Rider Sean Poynter recovers from a knee injury to get ready to SUP race again. He shares some valuable tips.

Did you return to vim and vigor?

We all like to hear inspiring stories. Do you have a "better now than ever because of paddle boardng" story? Using the form below write your account of how SUP fitness or rehab has improved your over all health and fitness level.

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