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You've bought the ideal stand up paddle board and now you need SUP storage ideas. When restricted space is the fact, storage can be a challenge. Sometimes it is less about choice and more about where for instance a 12 ft. 5" board will fit. It sounds obvious but worth mentioning; consider ceiling height and wall length relative to board size before you purchase a board.

Here are some safe secure ideas to get you thinking what will work best for your available space. This page offers multiple storage options along with resourceful money saving ideas.

Ceiling racks

Most of us have unused ceiling space – perfect solution for those who have limited floor or wall space or simply want their board completely out of the way and out of the sun. The garage ceiling is a natural solution.

Floor racks – free standing stick or rack system

This style of rack is not as common as others. It is more specific and often used when there are multiple boards to consider. You can see some insteresting options here. There is even a single floor rack/stick that could be used as a display rack as well.

Suspenz SUP rack systems

Wall racks

Wall racks are a common choice and fairly economical. This is an easy solution if you have extra wall space. See one persons idea (#3 below) on how to install wall racks using "no brand racks".

SUP storage racks

Stand up paddle board wall rack or mount on to a free standing rack

by Suspenz – wall and free standing

  • outdoor/indoor use
  • heavy duty UV-resistant webbing
  • never rests on hard surface
  • SUP bar distance from wall is 10 inches
  • ability to add an extension for multiple boards
Suspenz SUP rack systems

StarPort sling – wall

by RailBlaza

  • uses the StarPort mount system
  • sold as a pair
  • one-click slide lock
  • tidy, close to the wall profile

Non-commercial storage idea – wall


SUP paddle board storage for $10.00

GateKeeper – ceiling rack

  • modular system
  • holds up to 32" wide with modular add-on
  • holds up to 120 lbs.

GateKeeper – wall rack

  • single or double board
  • curved to sit on rail or straight out to sit on hull 
GateKeeper SUP storage GateKeeper SUP storage

Hand made storage, display or repair stand by Jeff Casper

BOARD STANDS from Jeff Casper on Vimeo.

Standupzpne Forum
San Diego, USA

For handyman built custom storage ideas see the following link:,8182.0.html

Handyman built custom storage ideas

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Expandable Suspenz stand up paddle board wall rack.

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Suspenz free-standing rack system.

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