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Dockslocks locking system

The latest and greatest SUP gear and SUP accessories are out there. Are you an enthusiast who can't wait to get all the new, cool gear? Or are you looking for a great gift for your favourite SUPer?

Part of the fun when learning a new sport is finding and buying the gear. Alongside the quick growth of the sport of stand up paddle boarding, gear and accessories have kept pace, and good ideas continue to surface. Most are practical and some are just plain fun. We’ll keep you updated on the latest and greatest functional, unique, and simply very useful gear. Check back frequently for new information and reviews.

 The following list is the tip of the iceberg.

Personal SUP accessories / gear

General SUP GEAR


  • • Sun protection
  • • DVDs and books
  • • Waterproof earbuds
  • • Waterproof mp3 player covers - custom and generic

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SUP accessories

Reasonably priced paddle boards


This handle is a mainstay in my deck bag. If poor conditions force me off the water, I can walk back carrying my board with ease. Its SUPER SUCK feature has never failed (apply on a dry surface).

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Surfstow SUP grip

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This fella is holding a SUP paddle suited for wave surfing. His "straight" ankle leash is preferred over coiled for SUP wave surfing.